Moments that made me happy in 2016

Happy New Year everyone!  2017 is already here. How come? I feel like time flies so fast, but at the same time, I am super excited for everything that is ahead of us. I know that 2017 it’s going to be great and I hope that the best is yet to come. Meanwhile, I am thankful for all the incredible memories we made last year, so I’ve decided to share with you favorite moments of my life in 2016:
 – Christmas and New Year celebration with my family
Unlike many the people, I don’t have an opportunity to see my parents whenever I want, so there was no better gift than spending my favorite time of the year with family. It was the best Christmas for my husband and me: cooking, presents, Christmas tree, a lot of snow, cocktail party and dancing – warm and cozy as it has to be.
– New York
My first time in New York was love at first sight. And since I am sure that the feelings you have when you discover a new place happen only once, I am adding New York to one of the best memories of 2016.
– Moved to Austin, TX
Ok, I admit: I enjoy moving to a new place. In fact, there is nothing more charming than exploring the city you never lived before. It was a tremendous change: from Colorado to Texas. And for the love of change and so much fun in Austin now, it’s my next sweet memory.
– Started my blog
I  may be a decisive person, but it takes me forever to push the matter through. So it’s been a while since I decided to write a blog but was not sure it’d work for me. If you read my previous post, you already know that my last year’s resolution was not to give up and keep pushing no matter what. Thanks to all the support I got from my other half and my mom, I started my blog.
– Chicago
I have already told you that my hubby and I have our family tradition, we came out with when we about to get married: every year we take a trip for our wedding anniversary. Chicago, we love you!;)
 – Napa Valley
My first time visiting best vineyards in the country. I am sure I will come back to the place where it’s always Wine O’clock 😉
– summer in Mexico
I always enjoy spending time in Mexico City, but this time we visited my hubby’s family in different part of Mexico called “Villa Hermosa”: dragon fruit and passion fruit trees, coffee beans and warm ocean….Oh, I wish I was there now!
– Christmas tree
Fresh Christmas tree is one of my favorite traditions ever! It’s been for years in my family and I am glad my hubby and I adopted it as well.
– all the people I met in 2016
I was fortunate to meet people with incredible stories in 2016. I am so grateful for an opportunity to be a part of their lives. I think I learned a little from all of them and changed something in order to be a better person. I hope 2017 is going to be even better year for all of us full of incredible moments, love and laughter!


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