Let’s be frank: my New Year’s Resolution

   Can you believe 2016 is almost over? When did it happen and why does time fly so fast? Is it only me, or time goes faster as we get older? Anyway, before I turn the page on this amazing chapter of life, I would like to take a moment to say how grateful I am for so many things. So what’s different?
–  I started personal blog;
– Moved to Austin, TX.
– Adopted new healthy habits and changed my workout routine;
– Had my hair died (kind of big deal for those who are used to natural hair);
– Took amazing trips to New York, Villa Hermosa (Mexico), Chicago, Mexico City, San Francisco and Napa Valley.
– Improved my self-esteem.
This year I finally understood that:
– nothing matters more than family;
– if after years of repeated efforts the door is still closed – look around: there is plenty of things to love about the room;
– happiness begins with you.
So what’s my 2017 resolution?
Last year I promised to appreciate people and things I had in my life more than ever and not to give up when something did not work the way I hoped it would. From the things I learned this year, I may say that I did a pretty good job. I see that my family is happy and that inspires me.
Oh, and just the other night my hubby was like: “Baby, you are so persistent!” Isn’t it the best compliment for a girl who used to give up?;)
Have you already made a list of the things you are proud of this year? Come on, I know you worked really hard, so take a minute to praise yourself because you are amazing!;)
   After looking through my old pictures, I realized that so many things have already changed and so many of them will. I went through some statistics about New Year’s Resolutions and it surprised me that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. That is why I took time to think everything over and to be careful about what I promise myself. Today I come to conclusion that it’s not going to be about money or any material things. My New Years resolution is simple to say, but at the same time hard to achieve: in 2017 I don’t want to be a good or bad person, I want to be a better version of myself. For me, for my family, for my friends, and for the life I am so thankful for.
I don’t know what is going to happen next year, but I do believe with all my heart that the best is yet to come in 2017!
What about you? What is your New Year’s resolution?


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