How to stay motivated when you feel down

    “Holidays are over” this is the first thing that came to my mind on Monday, January the 2nd.  With all the excitements, hopes and resolutions for a New Year comes a desire to stay in bed, postpone all the important decisions and start moving on once January is over. At least, this is what I used to do, because a “post-holiday” month is a perfect time to take off and to have no hard feelings skipping a couple of things. So how to stay motivated when you don’t feel like it? Remind yourself that:
1) A new page is better than the old one.
That means that your new chapter has already begun and come on, you don’t want to have blank pages in your book of life. Make it bright make you feel proud of yourself!
2) Set an example.
For your family, or your friends. But, most importantly, for you: nothing makes us happier than the taste of success. So no matter what you feel like doing – do it the best way you can and do it now! Be an example everyone is looking for.
3) We are the fighters and we are the winners:
Fight your laziness, your desire to stay in bed and to skip the important things this month. No matter how hard it seems – it’s easier than you think. Whether it’s about work, your relationships, your routine or your health – show who is the boss here! (yea, I mean it;)
4) “A little party never killed nobody”.
Well, that’s true. The only one who suffers is your credit card. So start saving: there are so many places you have never been to and there so many things you haven’t tried yet. Come back to your routine, give your wallet some rest and start planning your next adventure.
5) “Dream big.”
Whoever said it in the first place – definitely knew the life for what it was. As long as you dream big, you also start working hard. And I bet you don’t want to let it all go because it’s an easy thing to do. Remember, “All our dreams can come true if we have a courage to pursue them”.  (by Walt Disney)
6) How did I live before the Gingerbread Latte, Christmas movies and holiday feast?
Well, pretty good. So take a deep breath before all the amazing thing start happening this year. And it’s time to come back to eating clean, work out, get everywhere on time and be awesome.

7) Be happy.
Is the feeling of excitement you get when you accomplished something you wanted to for so long familiar to you?  When you come to bed being absolutely exhausted but at the same time happy because of productive day. This is what matters: to be happy every day from dawn to dusk.
8) Push, push and push.
Every failure is a lesson and every lesson is a chance to succeed next time. So push yourself until you leave your comfort zone and start feeling like you can’t do it any more: that is when the change begins.
9) People inspire people.
There is nothing more inspiring than example: whether you set it or somebody else already did it for you. So whenever I feel blue, I remind myself of people I admire and always remember that everything comes for a price and everything has a reason.
10) It’s all about the attitude.
My dad taught me this lesson: now you are upset, then you smile; now it’s hard, but it will be easier. So it’s most of the times about the attitude. All we have to do is take it easy, smile and move on with your life. Let me tell you this: life is not a fairy tale, but let’s have a happy ending!
   No matter what time of the year it is and what you are going through – stay focused, dream big and find the balance. Sometimes nothing helps better than realizing what you want and what you have to do to get it. Dream big because dreams come true for the ones who believe the most. And, finally, find the balance – that is the only thing that can keep you in peace with yourself and prevent from frequent ups and downs.




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