12 easy steps to make your life better in the New Year

   The new year means a fresh start, so let’s take a moment to reassess where we are now, what we want to achieve and how to we are going to make the next chapter of our lives spectacular. Have you already thought it all over? I am sharing 12 easy steps that may help you be better yourself next year:
1)Make a list of this year’s achievements
This is one of those steps that most people avoid because it’s unnecessary thing. Not at all! Did you start working out? Did you make somebody happy? Did you lose some pounds, rescued a dog from a shelter, got a new job or did something that makes you proud? Write it down and see how well you did this year. This step will help you to be more confident and believe in yourself.
2) Write down all the goals you set for next year and look through them in a week.
It can be a list of two, five or twenty things you want to happen next year. When you make it, you have to realize that:
–  you do it only for you, so don’t set unrealistic goals;
– don’t put on paper everything that comes to your mind, think it over;
– you will have to work your ass off to make it happen.
Why in a week? Because when we usually set the goals for next year, we are too excited and very motivated, so the list may never end. Let it rest for some time and look through it: you will find the things that don’t matter to you as much as you thought before and this way your list will become more realistic with the targets that you can prioritize.
3) Take it easy on yourself and on the world: you are already doing better than you think.
No matter how bad everything may seem to you, you are doing better than you think you are! Most of the times self-criticism doesn’t let us see how well we did and what may seem a little is already a lot! The world is not perfect, so accept it the way it is: love yourself, love your life and people in it because this one is the only one you got.
4) One more healthy habit doesn’t hurt
The best way to make your life better is “step by step” system. Talking about good habits,  I used to avoid eating avocados and exercising, but I knew it was good for me, so I pushed myself little by little. In some time I got used and now I consume enough avocados to make my body happy and exercise to stay strong. While adding one more healthy habit to your daily routine, try to give up one that doesn’t make you feel good. For example, being late, eating too much junk food, being not polite, etc. Welcome healthy habits one by one and give up on bad ones: it will pay off very soon and at the end of the year you will see great changes.
5) Don’t make January the 1st the countdown 
In my opinion, that is the worst day to start. Wondering why? Because it’s additional stress: you can’t just choose a particular day in the future for all the changes to make. I say “start today”! There is no better time than right now: if you really want to achieve more – start today. I know that there is nothing better than a promise to change, but trust me, I was there and I failed so many time by postponing.   “Tomorrowland” is a place where all our unaccomplished goals stay.
6) Make a commitment to yourself
Don’t promise anything to anybody, believe that you can do whatever you have in mind. Challenge yourself! This is about you, your life goals and your happiness. No matter how supportive your spouse, family and friends are, at the end the only person that will have to handle your failures or celebrate the achievements is you.
7) Stop complaining
Let’s face it: we all complain. Whether you are the happiest person ever or not, you still complain sometimes. That happens because of the way we are: judgmental, egoistic, stubborn, paying attention to negative thing more often than trying to understand. So let’s be grateful for what we have and stay positive. Sometimes we don’t realize that we just waste our energy for negative emotions instead of staying in peace and let go.
8) Find your “happy place”
Life is a sequence of events: some of them are good, others bring us stress and make feel frustrated. And when that happens, we need a place to let it all go and focus on good stuff happening in life. I believe that it’s important for every single person to find their “happy place” where he/she can organize thoughts, let the emotions go and take a break. It’s very personal: it can be a gym, lake next to your house, bench in the park, shopping mall, etc. “Happy place “ will help you let your stress go, clear your head and give you freedom to lose yourself in the moment and find peace with yourself. Try it!
9) Money come – money go
There is a quote that says: No one is going to stand up at your funeral and say “She had a really expensive couch and great shoes”. Don’t make life about stuff”. So make some time to live in the moment, enjoy your present and dream big. Money is surely important part of life, but it’s should not be the main one. Travel, take long walks with your dog, smile to strangers and make the miracles happen. You know, the best things don’t have a price tag. You can earn all the money of the world, but time is what matters the most.
11) Family comes first
And there is nothing more important and valuable than time spent with family: hugging mom, enjoying a cup of coffee with dad, kissing your husband or laughing with siblings. The biggest gift of life is seeing your family happy and healthy. That is so simple however often forgotten in this busy life. So next year try your best not to spend life on things you will hardly remember soon.
12) Happiness begins with you
You may think that it sounds egoistic, and you will be right. BUT! What do you feel when you are happy? Do you want to smile and be kind to everyone? Do you want to make anybody else happy? I am sure you do. I truly believe that when you are happy, you want the whole world to feel the same. Do the things that make you laugh, spoil yourself and love yourself. Wake up and spend 5 minutes doing what you really like, be thankful,  smile and go for it!

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