Life in Austin: am I in Texas yet? (Part 2)

   Last week I told you why Austin became such a special city for me, and, apparently, I did not mention everything I wanted to, so I gave it a closer look and decided to tell a little more about advantages of life in Austin. Along with all I mentioned in my previous post, let’s now forget about:



I am not sure if I will tell you something new when I say that night in Austin is a new adventure you should take one you are here. When we first came, I thought it was all about the Sixth Street. Now I realize that I didn’t know anything at that time: there is so much more going outside of the Sixth Street – so many really cool places and great experience basically anywhere in Austin.

weather (I can’t believe I am saying this)
What do you usually think about the weather of Texas? Humidity-hot-humidity. And you are so right, but just for a summer. Autumn in Austin is absolutely beautiful and winter is very mild: you can enjoy beauty without a necessity of wearing tons of clothes.


Even though you may notice that Austin is far from such beautiful cities as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, its location is very convenient for travel addicts: it’s great for road trips in and out of Texas and it’s also less than three hours drive from Dallas international airport that basically takes you everywhere in the world.


Austin is growing
According to one of Forbes issues in 2016, Austin takes one of the top spots in the ranking of the metro areas with the highest economic and population growth. It’s a tech town with companies like Apple, Visa, AT&T, Google, PayPal and Facebook.
Life in Austin: am I in Texas yet? (Part 2)
You can find both local and international brands in Austin, or you can take an hour ride and spend as much time as you need in San Marcos Outlet stores, that offers more than 145 luxury and name brand stores.


If you love driving as much as I do, you will be glad to know that the roads in Austin are better than, for example, in California or Colorado. I also enjoy speed limit of 85 mph, even though it’s a toll section. I must admit that toll roads are very common in Texas, so it’s kind of annoying if you need to use it every day.

    Every city is beautiful, every place is special. It is up to us to make it feel like home and concentrate on good things instead of complaining about what we do not like. If you try to find negative comments about Austin – you will find out about horrible traffic, increase of prices or hot summers. I read about all the bad things before I moved here, and let me tell you this: if you are a positive life living person and you know how to enjoy – good things will make you forget about bad ones. This is the way I live now. I must admit that traffic bothers me, but I easily forget about it when I see good people around. At the end – it’s not all about the place, it’s about us.



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