Life in Austin: am I in Texas yet? (Part 1)

What do you expect to see when you come to Austin? I bet you think of it as a typical Texan city with nothing more than Texan style in everything. So did I. Well, what I did not know is that Austin has its own unique style when it comes to everything and it barely qualifies to be called a typical city of Texas. It surely has everything you expect to see in Texas, but despite everything you may have heard about it, Austin has much more to offer. It’s like it has its own charm and after a while you find yourself thinking that you are not in Texas anymore.
  Let me tell you that my impression of Austin was very different when I visited it back in 2013 and I clearly did not see it the way I see it now. I already mentioned in one of my posts that you see a place from a different perspective once you start living there.
 First of all, I never considered Austin as a good place to live, and this is why: it seemed like there was nothing else except famous Sixth Street (how ridiculous I was); the humidity was too much to take; I was born in Europe, where we have four seasons; I am vegetarian, so moving to a place where “barbecue is a religion” did not sound.  That is why when we were moving, I had mixed feelings: my husband was very excited, he always liked Texas and I was willing to move just because I became a moving junkie (check my previous post to know why). So just imagine how surprised I was when it didn’t take too long for Austin to become one of my favorite cities and take my fears away. I do realize that Austin offers all the great things Texas is famous for, but it also brings the vibes that make it so unique. There are just a few things that make it one of a kind Texas city:
No matter what part of the city you live, you most likely agree that each and every place here has its own style. So many people from all over the world live here adding they charm to every place they go/create/visit. You can hardly find something ordinary in Austin, something that wouldn’t attract you, or something that would seem boring.
There is so much going on here! Day and night, night and day you are surrounded by activities, festivals, exhibitions, big openings etc. It’s like this city never gets tired of anything at all. 
I am a big fan of quality food and I do mind what I eat, but when it comes to Austin – all kinds of food are here: from popular well-known cuisine to new touch, from food trucks to luxurious restaurants. It’s not only about barbecue, it’s about a choice and Austin has it. Vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, low fat – all kinds of places can be found. People love food and Austin brings eating to a whole new level.
Believe me or not, even though people in Austin know how to eat, they also know how to stay fit. The weather here allows you to choose between 220 parks and over 250 gyms. There are yoga studios, healthy restaurants, health food stores and more! It’s also a home to Whole Foods Market that was founded here in 1980.
I write this based on my experience which so far is nothing but wonderful. I didn’t see any other people living so relaxed and looking so happy. It’s like they have everything they need and they truly know how to enjoy life. I realize that exceptions are applied, but we all come to conclusions based on frequency. I remember people parking their cars in my parking space and yelling at me for that in other cities, I remember people pushing me in subways and being rude for no reason. I did not have bad experience here (so far) and  phrases like ”welcome home” or “I am glad you love it here” just make life here better.
I moved to Austin from Denver, so when it came to flora and fauna world in TX, my expectations were not too high. I was absolutely amazed by nature of Colorado, I just couldn’t get enough of it and I knew that it was going to be totally different in Texas. Well, it is different. A good different. There are some many beautiful lakes, trails, and parks in Austin, that it makes me forget how upset I was when I was giving up nature of Denver. So when my friends get surprised when I tell them that we live surrounded by same green parks, I don’t blame them – I was surprised as well. 😉

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