What does travel mean to you?

“Travelling is not something you’re good at. It’s like something you do. Like breathing.” – by Gayle Foreman
 What does travel mean to you? Is it a hobby? Is it a lifestyle? Is it a chance for an adventure? No matter what your answer is, you would agree that traveling is one of the best things that may happen to human being. You know, my travel addiction is something I have never thought I’d have, but it became the best medicine for me. I usually take trips with my husband who is such a travel bug that we often joke about me being bitten by him. 😉 Seeing new places and meeting new people – what can be more exciting than that? I was recently asked to describe in a few words my passion for traveling, and here they are (well, maybe more than a few) :


Travel is an addiction and there is no medicine to cure it: you spend hundreds of dollars just to go somewhere and see something and you’d rather take a trip than buy a piece of furniture for an apartment. 
Travel is an escape: you escape the routine and do it from the moment you book your flight because all you get is excitement and start planning.
Travel is love: it’s your way to see the world and fall in love every flight you take, every place you visit, every street you step. 
Travel is a challenge: to see more using all the time you have, to breathe an air of all new towns you visit and not to miss anything. 
Travel is a detail: starting with the places you want to see and clothes you pack and ending with the random pictures you take on a trip that becomes your favorite. 
Travel is a medicine: from broken heart, loneliness, sadness, lack of inspiration, need of change.
Travel is patience: when your flight is 2 hours delayed to departure, you get an announcement about another 2 hour before the plane will be able to take off due to weather conditions, you change you ticket to make connection to Phoenix, wait 4 hours there and fly to Austin and don’t have patience for all of it, you won’t take it easy.
Travel is a chance. A chance to see the world and realize how blessed you are: no matter how bad your flight is or how unhappy you are about waiting time or destination, always remember that you are about to have experience many people would love to have – you are able to escape the routine and explore.
Travel is a story: how often do you start with “last time when I was” or “when I was in”, get nostalgic and tell a great story entertaining everyone?
Travel is exploring: not only you come to a new place and discover absolutely new things, you also learn more about yourself, you take your possibilities to a new level and do the things, you thought you were not capable of.
Travel is an excitement: how many times have you start packing too early, thinking about what to take and making a plan of the places you want to visit? I do that every time because only one thought about the trip makes me feel excited. And another great reward you get after the trip is the feeling of coming home.
Travel makes you picky: the more places you see, the harder it gets to impress you next time. And that is true. Remember when you first saw something absolutely breathtaking and when you came back it looked like “nice”? So traveling may be bittersweet: it opens your eyes but doesn’t let you see all the beauty of everything without subconscious comparison. 
Travel addiction takes you by surprise, but when you are ready to pack and go in the very same moment. In my opinion, it’s fun and  the only bad thing about it is that after you come back from the trip, you already think of where to go next and if it doesn’t happen – you feel blue. But no matter what – grab your bags and go! Go and see everything, collect the stories, meet new people and try challenge yourself. Because at the end, you won’t care about the material things, you will be overwhelmed by the memories you made. Now ask yourself: what does travel means to you and is it worth of your time and money?


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