10 things I learned from moving across the country

If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.” – by Rachel Wolchin

1) you never know what to expect:

you may look all over the Internet, ask your friends, read reviews and think that you know where you are going, but the truth is “not really”. Why? Because your experience is unique and your feelings do not always match the feelings of other people. Your story is unique, so is your experience in new city/country.
2) let it go:
Whether you have difficulties to get used to a new place or you absolutely adore it – everything can change in a second. So don’t live in the past, stay positive and let the troubles go – enjoy and try to see only good stuff because bad things will always try to defeat you.
3) you become a packing master:
you may like or hate packing, but let’s face it– you will have to do it anyway. I remember me packing for the first time – hours and hours spent and nothing was done the way I wanted it to be: nothing fits, not enough boxes/too many boxes, dropped boxes and ruined belongings.  Now, however, when I have to pack to go for a trip or move to different apartment – I have a plan in my head and the process becomes fast and easy.  It’s like a part of your daily routine: you start doing it automatically – fast and easy.

4) not everything will make it till the end:
there are two scenarios we had: a)we had to take care of everything by ourselves;
b) a team of professional packers and movers did it for us.
So when we packed and moved everything, we noticed that we scratched some furniture, dropped some glasses, forgot to take something etc. And when we hired professionals, all the belongings were carefully packed and moved, but not everything was allowed to take. No matter what scenario you have – be ready 😉

5) it’s a long process, but it’s worth of it:
packing, new place, new job, change of climate, you don’t have friends in the city – that may be tough, but it  happens only at the beginning. After two or three weeks you start meeting new people, you have new impressions and a whole new city to explore – that is fun! And, for what it’s worth, moving forward with your life is a good thing to do and you can always come back to where you started.
6) never say never:
just an example from my life: when we lived in Dallas TX, I really wanted to move somewhere else, I didn’t enjoy, there was not enough fun things to do for me and I didn’t appreciate the weather. So when we were finally moving to San Francisco, I said to my husband: “Thank God! I will never be able to live in Texas!” And guess what? We moved to Austin just a few months ago and I love it here. 😉
10 things I learned from moving across the country

7) you meet so many people, that you actually have the name of city next to person’s name:
that is so true! When you live in different cities/countries, you meet so many people! Isn’t it fun? So many lives, so many stories, fun moments and experience. It’s like reading new books: people always have something interesting to tell you and so do you. But you meet so many people, that it’s hard to remember after you move somewhere else, so the contacts in your phone look like “Michael San Diego” and “Hilda Mexico City”. You easily start conversations, you communicate more and you smile to people on the streets. And if you do not – don’t be shy to talk to strangers: you never know what story is behind a smile of a person.

8) moving is an addiction:

this is what I understood after we actually started living in different cities – you get used to a new place faster and faster every time you move, but at the same time at some point, you get bored and can’t wait to move somewhere else. I may assure you that right now I have no idea how to give up on my desire to move 😉

9) it’s not about the place, it’s about you:

the more cities you call “home”, the more you understand that each and every is absolutely beautiful and you are the one who has to make a choice – to enjoy or complain. There is no perfect place in the world, but you can may any place to be one. Because at the end, it is about your attitude and your happiness. Home isn’t a place, it’s you.

10) nothing is easy, but everything can change:
when you are packed and ready to go – get the spirit, be ready for a new adventure, and it won’t disappoint you. Better days are coming and if you are moving – you are ready to meet them and become happier than you are now. And at the end, if you don’t like it there – move on until you feel like you are home.

   At the end, moving taught me a good lesson – not to get used to things or people, everything is temporary. It showed me how easier life can be when you don’t get used to people and places when you take it easy, let go faster and get the most fun out of everything.



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