Chicago trip: to see more in less time

   Every year my husband and I go for our  wedding anniversary trip: we decide where to go, plan it carefully, pack our bags and just go. It’s not only a family tradition, it’s a wonderful reminder that we made it through distance and time. Chicago was this year’s choice. 
   When you travel and you don’t have a luxury of time to explore absolutely everything, you do your best: you don’t actually hope to visit all the places, but at least you try to use your time wisely and not to miss the most important things. Every time we go for a trip, we learn something new about planning, because we always try to see the most we can and enjoy it. I really don’t like when at the end of the day all I can think about is how tired I am and how much rest I need. I want to come back to the hotel excited and be even more excited to keep exploring the next day. We had so much fun in Chicago this year, we experienced its uniqueness and I am willing to share with you some tips that can let you enjoy more in a short period of time. So what should you start with and what not to forget about?
It may require some time and work from you, but, trust me, it is worth of it. You may spend a lot of money for a first class ticket and the best hotel, but if you don’t plan your trip carefully and take of the details, you may come back and realize that you didn’t actually have a chance or time to see everything. So what I do is I create 2 tables in Word: the first one is about everything I would like to see. It looks like “place to visit – location – price”; the second one includes all the food places I heard/read about, so it is basically the same, but with restaurants and cafes.
Chicago trip: to see more in less time
“yes” to apps
When we visit a new place, we want to make sure that we won’t lose time looking for a transportation. Chicago’s traffic is awful and the city is full of people, so we would lose a lot of time just driving and/or looking for a parking spot. So I downloaded a lot of applications like “Chicago transit” and “Chicago Subway Map” and it saved us so much time. When rush hours are over, you can go for “Uber”/”Lyft”  as a good option for transportation.
stay open for new options
One morning, after a good brunch in the city, we were heading to Chicago Union Station. We decided to go by bus and lost 45 minutes waiting for it. At the end, we went for Uber and stuck In traffic. We couldn’t waste more time, so there it was: we have to rent a bike. As we figured out later, it was cheap and convenient (Why I didn’t think of that before???) . The ones we used are called “Ventra” bikes – we paid 20$ for two bikes and were able to make  as many trips as we wanted (up to 30mins each) for the next 24 hours.
good food shouldn’t take a lot of time
As I have already mentioned earlier, I made a list of food places we would love to visit. However, I was not the only one willing to try the best food places in Chicago. After all the reviews we read, we decided that lunch time is the best for trying Chicago deep dish pizza at Lou Malnatis: waiting time and food worked perfectly for us.
Chicago trip: to see more in less time
We love good brunch, but when we came to famous Wildberry Pancakes & Café, waiting time was 1 hour and 30 minutes. It did not sound nice to us, so we kept on looking for a place around: my husband found a place called “Toni Patisserie & Cafe” just across the street. So we had a good brunch and some good coffee with absolutely delicious macaroons and were ready to move on! As we figured out later, it was a popular spot for locals.
Chicago trip: to see more in less time
take a moment to relax and enjoy
And I do mean it! You don’t have to rush yourself to see absolutely everything. Otherwise, your trip may become a marathon. You came to have fun: enjoy the views, appreciate local food, take some awesome pictures next to favorite places.   
ask the locals
I bet we all do it, but! It’s hard to look for locals when you are tourist surrounded by tourist.=) So make a research and look for people’s blogs, websites etc. Don’t be shy to send a message/email about something you are interested in. It will take about 5 minutes and will save you tons of time in Chicago.
   I personally recommend you to visit http://www.feedingofftherails.combefore you go to Chicago: Melissa helps so many people to find the best spots in Chicago. No matter what you would like to try and what part of the city you are going to stay at – her website is a great source of information for real foodies!

And I hope you are going to have a marvelous time in Chicago!
Chicago trip: to see more in less time

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