I am a woman. What’s your superpower?

    I met so many girls who thought they were just ordinary and had nothing special to share with the world: some of them were not confident because of the society they were growing up in, others doubted about how great they were because of million other reasons. And I am thrilled to realize that I was one of them: I used to think of myself as ordinary, not good enough for this or for that, and what if I was different, what if I was taller, or smarter, or what if my choices were different… It took me years to realize that I am who I am and that makes me special. When I talk to girls that are really upset about themselves, that really upsets me, because my mom proved to me how many superpowers one woman could have and how strong she could be. Nothing pushes a girl more than a good example and motivation to get up, dress up and conquer the world in her own way.  Woman becomes superwoman when she starts believing in herself, trust her intuition and take risks; as well as support she gets from whoever surrounds her. So what does woman forget about?
    First of all, you are a person, you are a fighter, you are a mother (or will be one day) and you are a hero. You create, you help, you support, you struggle and you win. You were born to be special, you were born to succeed no matter what you do. What makes you so special? Your personality, your knowledge, your wisdom? I believe that women have superpowers. The only way to discover it, is to discover yourself – to stay true to yourself, not to follow other people’s lives too much, to trust yourself, to concentrate on your happiness and to actually love yourself.

   So many women are truly heroes for their families and they don’t even know about that. Woman always has a lack of confidence, seriously – even the strongest and most confident one. Woman always tries to be better – she is like a project that is and always will be in progress.  And according to my beliefs, every woman has to be discovered: no matter by whom – her husband, her friends or her family. I truly believe that people that surround you make you feel better or worse about yourself. I am sure that every woman is talented and every and each of us can do impossible to happen and think about it as about a regular thing. And the power of woman goes up when she feels loved and when she adores what she does. The woman who loves her kids and does everything for them is always the best mom, no matter what is her age and preferences and the one who supports, helps and encourages her husband is always the best wife. The girl who loves her job and goes there every day with a smile will always be the best worker. I can go on and on and on. All I want to say is that sometimes women forget how powerful they are, how strong and beautiful they are. They always push to move on no matter how they feel and keep to a daily schedule  no matter what, because that makes them happy. It is my position that women suffer because of two main factors: imperfections and excuses. And this is why: not many women realize that imperfections make them perfect, so they try to hide them and feel so disbelief. They try fix them, change them, improve them and  don’t see that life can be generously awarding and happy; on the other hand – when we hesitate about something – excuses are there: they take us farther from our dreams and our targets. They don’t allow us to challenge ourselves, climb until our dreams come true.
   I challenge each and every woman out there to start believing in herself, stop doubting and take the next step, to avoid excuses and keep on with the things that are important to you and those who make you happy. You are unique and you are special! Trust yourself, encourage yourself and, finally, love yourself! 

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