Does “tomorrow” work for you?

46e87-image1-9Does “tomorrow” work for you?
   Have you ever wondered what would your life be like if every time you wanted to do something you actually did it? Like if you had enough time, enough confidence or even enough money to do the things that you desire to do. If you quit boring job that doesn’t make you happy or stop communicating to people that you don’t like. Imagine that you actually bought something you wanted for a long time, started smiling to strangers, took a challenge or followed the diet today? What if you did everything that you used to postpone just right away? Would you have enough power to live in the moment and enjoy all aspects of life, to change you attitude to any situation you get into? And what if you don’t get a second chance to do what you desire?
   Every day is a new opportunity and it is up to us whether we use it or waste it. It took me 24 years to realize that  “now” is much better than “tomorrow”. Why? Because when I finally come to my “tomorrow”, I don’t have time or opportunity. And I understood that we all had a habit to forget. When I look back, I realize that I could do much more than what I actually did. I could take more from my life and convert any situation I was in, into much more fun and enjoyable time. I have learnt a very important lesson: “tomorrow doesn’t work” and as soon as I understood that “tomorrow” is more like an illusion or excuse, the faster I started living more fulfilled life.

    Let’s say you have been thinking about something for long time. For example, travelling. But you didn’t do it because you were tired at the end of the day/week, you had obligations you couldn’t leave, you realized that trips are pricy or that you didn’t have enough time to do it. So you postponed it. It does not make you happy, but you have so many “but” that don’t let you do it. What about the weekend? What about to grab your backpack and escape? I bet you can do that: to discover a new place, to get more emotions and new experience. It shouldn’t be that hard to do, right? And it does not require you to spend a lot of money and time. Trust me, that 2 days will give you enough impressions for months. Let’s say you are tired of the routine and want to try something new, but you are afraid to fail or you are not sure if you like it.  I am saying  “try it, try it anyway”. I used to be a chubby kid, who didn’t actually have a habit of spending time exercising. 
One day I decided, “Today is the day” and went running.  I lost weight and became more healthy and organized than I have ever been.     This year I tried yoga and I am absolutely happy that I pushed myself to try it.  I travel to Mexico quite often and just imagine how many things are new for me every time I am there. I try something new when I am in Mexico City but no matter what it is, I always give it a try.  I was so afraid to speak Spanish to native Spanish speakers, because I thought that people wouldn’t understand me; I didn’t want to look stupid or show the lack of knowledge. Although I pushed myself to do it, because I was absolutely in love with this language and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to improve it. 

    We all have people that inspire us. It may be a famous write, singer, sportsman, the guy from TV show you like or people like Nick Vujicic and Jessica Cox. It may be your mom/dad, somebody you met at coffee place or your neighbor. Think about them when you try to postpone something and talk to those who are an example for you, communicate to those who you admire.   
Does “tomorrow” work for you?
   I believe that everyone is a “ bad ass” and has enough courage to do the most incredible things in the world today. So this is how I fight my “tomorrowland”: I put me a little on the edge, which is not a pleasant thing to do. But I feel so empowered afterwards. 
Let’s imagine that there is no tomorrow and you live today. Would you do everything that you promised yourself to do? I bet you would. Start with a little step: buy an organizer and make a list of things you want to do, put them in order and do one of them at least once per week. At the end of each month you are going to feel much more happy and maybe a little proud that you actually found that courage to do it. Promise yourself to try something new every 2-3 months and at the end the year you will see how colorful your life becomes. Now I am sharing this with you because I used to be that girl, who had a lack of confidence to do what she wanted and lived in the moment, that girl, who had to learn that a little push today may change her tomorrow, and that girl, who was afraid of doing the things that she believed in and cared about what other people thought or said if she actually got the courage to move forward.

   Bring all your plans from “tomorrowland” and try to do them today – one little by little. We are capable of much more than we thing and we are much stronger than we think. Do not do it for somebody else, do it for you. It is your life, your time and your decisions. You live today and there is no better time than right now. Tomorrow all you are going to have is -1 day. So does “tomorrow” work for you?


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