Making memories: life in Dallas

They say: “He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left”.
Making memories: my life in DallasMaking memories: my life in Dallas
   What if the journey lasts more than a week or month? Let’s say a year, or a half of year. Let’s say you live in your journey. How does it change you? What do you learn? How do you adapt and what do you discover? For the last three years my husband and I have been changing cities, towns, places. And now I understand that we’ve been changing with them. I want to show you how amazing a change can be. I will share with you my adventure in each and every city I lived: what surprised what I liked, what I noticed and what I learnt. Your experience may be very different from mine and you may agree/disagree with what I will tell, but I may also find something interesting and enjoyable. Today’s story is about the first city I lived in after moving to the USA – Dallas.
   Dallas is a major city in the state of Texas. Being fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States it became a commercial and cultural hub of the region. We moved to Dallas in 2013 from Mexico City. What is the first thing you notice when you leave the plane? Airport. I must admit that Dallas airport is one of the most beautiful and convenient airports I have ever been to. It offers you service to 207 destinations. So that’s definitely a plus for those who live in Dallas and love traveling. Since we moved from Mexico City, heat was not such an issue. But humidity in Dallas definitely became a challenge for us. You spot walking that much as you used to, because your clothes as well as your body become wet; and don’t even let me start about my hair. If you have curly hair like I do, and it takes so much time and efforts for you to style it, be ready! So if you notice that on the pictures you heir looks like dandelion fluff, remember – most people like dandelions.))
    While I suffered from humidity, my husband really enjoyed winter in Dallas. It is very mild and warm. So you won’t need huge winter coats and snowman boots. But if you are like me – you like snow and cold winter, you can always take a brake and go to skate/ski.
   Dallas has it’s own style when it comes to everything: food, clothes, manners and habits. People even have kind of Texan accent when they speak. I truly enjoyed it all. And nothing represents it all better than Annual Texas State Fair. So if you are in town for a weekend – make sure to stop by. Texas is famous for its BBQ. My husband is a big fan of good meat and his favorite stake house is still in Dallas. But it doesn’t mean that vegetarians won’t find anything tasty. I don’t eat meat and I am extremely picky person in general (at least this is what my husband and my family say). But it didn’t cost me much to find treats for me. So I don’t think you are going to be disappointed when it comes to food in Dallas. Everything is fresh and tasty, choices are big and experience is good.
Making memories: my life in Dallase77de-dsc09666
    The other thing I liked is the ability to get to your destination fast. Locals may complain about the traffic, but it is not that bad comparing to other cities. Well, at least this is what I can say about the time when I lived in Dallas.
Also the nature is absolutely beautiful out there. Such a variety of flowers and trees is a big plus for Dallas. I really enjoyed visiting Botanical Garden and annual pumpkin festival.
   Although every city has its pros and cons, you will stand up when it comes to your safety. The world becomes more and more dangerous, but you can still find the places where you feel free from danger. Unfortunately I had bad experience when it came to safety in Dallas. Once I was awaked in the middle of the night by the sound of gunfire – I didn’t even realize what was it. It was the first time in my life I heard shooting. Later in the morning (I still couldn’t fall a sleep) we figured out that two men were shot that night.
   Dallas is a wonderful place to see “real Texas” and a perfect place to go for a weekend. I wouldn’t like to live there, but that is only my opinion based on my experience. I am just speaking for myself, because I can’t speak for everyone in teams of “where is the perfect place to live”. I met amazing people who still live in Dallas today and love it. So at the end – whatever suits you is good for you. 
   No matter where you are planning to live – travel. Travel all year around, escape for the weekend, explore. Visit Dallas and I hope that your experience will make you fall in love with the amazing city as it is! 

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