American Food Chains in Mexico City: What to expect? (Part 2)


   Another American food chain you can enjoy outside of the USA is Krispy Kreme. It is famous for its variety delicious donuts and drinks. We visited Krispy Kreme couple of times before in Mexico City. Last Wednesday we decided to find out whether there is a difference comparing to the stores we visited in Dallas, San Francisco, Denver and Austin. I didn’t expect to see any difference, because the concept of cooking donuts is the same: particular kind of dough, deep-fried, glazed donuts with holes or filled with jam/chocolate. But there is a difference, as we figured out later. Krispy Kreme donuts in Mexico City are actually smaller, but fresher. You don’t taste that much grease when you eat. We tried Tiramisu, Apple, Maple iced glazed, Crème Brule and Churro doughnuts and paid 100MXN (6USD). We were also asked to take a survey and received a promotion (99MXN for a dozen) as a “reward”.
American Food Chains in Mexico City: What to expect? (Part 2)

Hooters. Well, I am not a big fan of this restaurant, so it is hard to say something particular, but we didn’t notice much difference in menus, price or quality of food between the stores of Mexico City and the US ones. The concept still remains the same in both countries.

  The same thing I can say about Hard Rock Café. We visited it in Mexico City and Acapulco. I didn’t have a chance to visit it this time since it is permanently closed in the location we used to go to.
Panda Express is very popular food chain that serves American Chinese cuisine in Mexico City as well as in the USA: the menus are very similar and you actually don’t taste any difference, but the prices have a slight difference. I visited only few locations, so my experience is based only on what I saw and tried there.
American Food Chains in Mexico City: What to expect? (Part 2)

  Such fast food restaurants as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC and many others are available for you in Mexico City. You can also find California Kitchen Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns or Domino’s. I tried Pizza Hut in Mexico City for the reason that it’s the most popular one and I really liked it: the place itself was very clean and big, so it looked like a restaurant, and pizzas we tried were yum and fresh. Most orders in Pizza Hut in America are for deliveries/carry out, while people in Mexico City prefer to eat inside of the place, even though US offers much more promotions and discounts. The menu offers salads, pizzas, pastas, desserts and different alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink: large thing crust veggie pizza cost us 250MXN (14USD). It was good and I highly recommend this place as an option for tasty lunch/dinner.  
   I was surprised by the high quality of food in Subway in Mexico City – always fresh and tasty. It is hard to imagine a famous fast food restaurant in America that wouldn’t be located in Mexico City as well. The point is to have a choice and you definitely have it here.

I was surprised to discover PF Chang and Cheesecake Factory yesterday in Mexico City. I will certainly visit it next time and will tell you my honest opinion about the quality of food, prices and service.

   I finish today’s story by mentioning supermarket chains available for you in Mexico City. You find Costco and Sam’s Club, that are very similar to the ones in the USA, but Mexican Walmart  – most popular one- still makes a big difference to me. It reminds me of King Soopers, HEB, Safeway or even Whole Foods Market, simply because it offers much more than Walmart in the USA and has organic options.

   I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it allowed you to learn a little bit more about the Food World of Mexico City. No matter what it comes to, we all need to have a choice and I am glad that Mexico City has a lot to offer. So grab your backpack and travel, go to new places and enjoy the experience you get. Don’t be afraid to discover something new as well as visit your favorite old fashioned American places outside of the country.

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