February: 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to bring out the magic

Hello there! We’ve just come back from my husband’s birthday trip to Cancun, Mexico, and it occurred to me that Valentine’s Day is in 2 weeks. I would probably forget about it, but the army of balloons and cards, invasion of strawberries and everything red everywhere makes sure my memory is refreshed.
For me personally February the 14th is more of a reminder than an actual holiday. It’s an opportunity to spend time with my favorite person, and pumper him a little more. I also appreciate February the 15th when all the VD’s stuff is on sale, and you can literally have Valentine’s Day all month long. But that’s another story. 🙂
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I would like to take a moment to share 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to make it feel more special for you and your S/O.

  1. Take a short trip together.
    Ismael and I love trips, and we often take time to get away for some time. I think Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to go on adventure with the person you care about so much. Take time to make a little research, keep it simple, relax and do little things that make both of you happy. It’s all about the details!
  2. Stay-in and cook a meal together.
    This is by far my favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day. It really takes off all the pressure of the”you must do this and that today”. I am not a big fan of dining out on February the 14th: you have to reserve the table in advance, pay fixed prices, and, God forbid, you eat too slow or stay too long! Waaaay too much pressure for one night. We keep it simple, and this is what makes it special.
    And, if you need ideas, I would highly recommend the book both my husband and I use when we cook together.
  3. The gift of experience: learn a new skill together.
    I love meaningful gifts, and it’s always a lot of fun to learn a new skill and share all the excitement and happiness with your Valentine. From wine tasting/brewery tour, and cooking classes to sky diving, hot air balloon ride (we did it once, and I can give you 100 reasons why you should do too) and more.
  4. Do it your way!
    Valentine’s Day is a working day, and most people wait until the evening to celebrate. Make a change: surprise with breakfast in bed, romantic lunch, a handwritten card found in his/her bag, love notes left everywhere in the house, treasure hunt etc. – it’s all up to you. Think of it if you had one day to remind your S/O how much you love him/her. Would you wait till the evening?
  5. Recreate your first date.
    This is one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day, and here’s why: it brings back so many romantic memories and makes you realize what a special person is next to you. For example, on our first date, I took Ismael to learn how to ice skate, and he took me out to try Mexican food. We were laughing so much when we tried to ice skate together that it made us fall down all the time. Also, there was so much fried onion in my veggie enchiladas, that I couldn’t eat it and Ismael was taking pictures to show his friends that “onion feast” hahaha

And, the last, but not least: gifts. Aside from traditional gifts, there is always a way to make something special for your S/O. It can be as simple as a handwritten card. All it takes is a little time, care and creativity. Happy Valentine’s Day! May it be another good reminder that there is nothing better than L.O.V.E.!


69 thoughts on “February: 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to bring out the magic

      1. Not really, holidays like this or Halloween are not that big here, they are barely a thing actually. It changed a little bit in the past few years with the explosion of social media but Galentine’s day is definitely not a thing. Xx

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  1. Our tradition is to do what we did on our very first Valentines (10 years ago this year) and have a simple roast beef dinner together. We’ve done this every year since we met and we will continue as long as we’re able.

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  2. I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day cause of the pressure it brings, so I like us to do something simple and enjoyable. Plus my hubby’s bday is on Feb 15, so we get to do romantic things for two whole days 🙂

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    1. Wooow that’s even more pressure for you! Tbh one of the reasons I don’t like donning out is all that pressure of “love is in the air” hahaha love is in the air in my house on the kitchen as well lol


  3. We generally stay in and cook a meal together. Travel though sounds like a good option to have fun however feb 2 Nd week children’s exams begin and we are left with no other choice than staying home.


  4. I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day. These ideas are really cute. After 24 years of marriage, maybe I should go back to the old days and try to recreate our first date.

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  5. A new experience is always a lot of fun. I would love that. But I think staying in a cooking a meal together could be a lot of fun as well. Just as long as you are doing something together with your partner.

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  6. I like your thinking. In particular, I love the idea of trying a new skill together. My wife took me ice skating as well, early on in our relationship. Only thing is, she’s a former pairs champion so needless to say I had my skates off within 30 seconds of seeing her skate. “Ya, no this isn’t gonna happen.” lol

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