North Austin: 5 best sushi restaurants

Hey there! Today’s post is dedicated to two things I love deeply – sushi and life in North Austin. So, if you are in the mood of Japanese cuisine, I invite you to join me on a hunt for the best sushi restaurants in North Austin. I am offering you a list of 5 places that manage to keep high standards and deliver exceptional food combined with outstanding service. 

Soto Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

LRG_DSC06080Soto Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar 
Are you in the mood of something special? Are you tired of the places that look and taste the same? If your answer is “yes”, this restaurant is for you. The unique decor, delicious menu options, attention to the details – these are just a few things I like about this place. It is located in Cedar Park, but my list would never be complete without it! It is definitely a must try. Bring your significant one for a treat, spend an amazing night out with friends – Soto has everything you are looking for and more! 

Haru Sushi 
No matter what time of the day we come, and whether it’s a moody Monday or busy Sunday – the waiters here always find a way for us to be happy and enjoy fresh and delicious food. I would definitely recommend trying not only sushi but also other items on the menu as the portions are decent.

Midori Sushi

Midori Sushi 

Despite the fact that this place doesn’t have modern decor and it is a little hard to find, it’s still one of my favorite ones in town because the quality of the food is exceptional! “Midori” was the first good restaurant we found in North Austin and since we have been dining there for 2 years now. I have never had anything that I wouldn’t like or anything that wouldn’t be fresh there! Give it a try and don’t forget to order their famous Ahi Tuna Tower! 
 P.S. they are also amazing for ordering “to go”.
Sushi Junai 2 
First things first: please keep in mind that this place is crazy popular any day of the week! They are famous for “All you can eat” special, as well as their lunch options, so make sure you come in advance as there are many people who would like to enjoy it as well! 

Sushi Bang Bang

LRG_DSC06161Sushi Bang Bang 
We found this place accidentally as I was craving sushi and we happened to be in the neighborhood. This is my favorite lunch spot as they have really good deals for bento boxes, maki lunches and more!  The quality of their food, fast service, and kind staff speak for itself.  
These were my favorite sushi restaurants in North Austin. I hope you liked this post and your Austin dining experience will be delicious! 😉 


7 thoughts on “North Austin: 5 best sushi restaurants

  1. I tried my first sushi with Gena!! So this is the article which I would be referring again again. As I think I am going to turn into a sushi addict soon.:)

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