New Orleans travel guide: sober activities and best food  

LRG_DSC06902LRG_DSC06905LRG_DSC06991LRG_DSC06843LRG_DSC06948Labor Day weekend is over and I am back to my regular schedule. I am a kind of person who is 70/30 when it comes to traveling on long weekends: 70 for the flight and 30 for the road trip. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the views and driving, but when it comes to long distance on short period of time – I feel like it’s way too tiring for what it is. Every year we try to plan in advance this same weekend, and every year we manage to forget to do it in advance. Long story short, when all good plane tickets were gone, we decided to visit New Orleans which is 520 miles drive from Austin, TX. Sounds a little too crazy, but: a) we have never been there, and b) any trip is better than no trip at all, right?  


It took us about 8 hours one way and I am not gonna lie – it was not the easiest drive. Not only because of the distance, but the weather was really bad, so you get tired faster. The one thing I find really helpful is driving halfway, sleeping in the hotel for a night, and keep going the next day.  


We really enjoyed our trip and, in the end, we came to the conclusion that the city was worth driving. I feel like we were the only sober people in New Orleans – we came to explore the city rather than to party. We were interested in the history, museums, beautiful buildings and streets that have stories to tell. Besides, the coffee was so good that I didn’t have second thoughts about the beverage of my choice. I totally recommend skipping alcohol at least during your first visit to New Orleans, and explore it in full. 


We did not have a plan, we knew we wanted to walk along most famous streets, visit French Quarters and French Market, Jackson Square, Art District, museums and Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis etc. As well as visit parks, take ferry to cross Mississippi River. The weekend was full of adventures. Somehow, we made it to the Sunday mass in Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis followed by Pride Parade. That was quite an experience! 



I would totally recommend the hotels: in my opinion, it’s the best choice for couples in New Orleans. We stayed in Country Inn & Suites by Radisson and we loved it there!  



Spitfire Coffee – for lavender-infused coffee with orange blossom simple and dried rose petals. And for coffee with Mexican mole. It’s a must try for the most unique flavors that are hard to find in Austin, TX.

Sucré  – for a cup of delicious mocha and espresso as well as delicious fresh French macaroons, cakes, and ice-cream. Sucré is not called “coffee shop” but the coffee beans they use and drinks they serve easily make this place one of my favorite coffee spots in New Orleans. Also, this is where I had  THE BEST French macaroons in my life.

Cafe Du Monde – for beignets and coffee. I know that I am expected to talk about their famous beignets but I am sharing my thoughts about coffee: cheap and good. Where can you find that kind of quality for the price? In fact, if I had to choose between getting the beignets or cup of their signature coffee, I would go for the second one.  


Acme Oyster House – for chargrilled oysters and New Orleans’ classics.  

I cannot think of a better place for oysters than Acme Oyster House. They are always busy, there is always a line of people waiting outside, but it moves really fast and the wait is always worth it!  

Felix Restaurant&Oyster Bar – for seafood gumbo, and other New Orleans’ classics. It’s located just in front of Acme Oyster House, so it’s easy to find and the food is delicious, so is the service and atmosphere. You can watch a chef preparing the oysters as you wait in line outside to come in 😂 

Killer PoBoys – for the best po-boys. The place is a hidden gem of New Orleans: it an excellent find for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers. Their food is fresh, simple and delicious.  


Johnny po-boys – I know there are so many people that recommend this place, and I am so glad they have good experience there. I am the person who doesn’t eat a lot of deep-fried food, who loves balance and cares about the freshness of food. Both my husband and I had terrible heartburns after the food at this place. The bread was far from fresh, and you could tell that the oil in the fryer hasn’t been changed for ages. In summary: the place is very dirty inside, high prices, poor quality, and service.

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22 thoughts on “New Orleans travel guide: sober activities and best food  

  1. Sweet! Glad i landed on your post. My bf and I plan on going to New Orleans but unsure if we should go on a non-happening time when its less crowded or when its mardi gras. I’ll take your recommendations on the eateries tho!

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  2. New Orleans is surely worth to visit. The history, the food and everything about it just lovely. I have similar interest when I visit a city or town, visiting museums, historical buildings and streets that have stories to tell, and tasting the food. I bookmark this post for the future reference on how to explore New Orleans. ,

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