Affordable luxury: from 18ct gold designer pieces to Tiffany&Co Blue Box

Featuring Tina Lang, Founder of Catherine Trenton Jewellery (CTJ)
    Hello everyone! Today’s post is dear to my heart – it’s something I was meant to talk about for ages. Women and Jewelry.
    If you know me, you already know that Tiffany&Co is my absolute favorite brand when it comes to jewelry. It just makes me feel special. It makes me feel beautiful. Their jewelry is simply my favorite because of the style, quality, attention to the details, and more. It is for women inspired by women.  
   However, Tiffany&Co is a luxury jewelry brand: there are no sales or discounts. That makes them really pricey for an average person. I started thinking of all the beautiful women out there that are not able to afford a single piece of jewelry from Tiffany&Co, and that just made me sad. So, I made a research. How would a woman be able to afford a unique piece for less? Where could she find it?  And this is how I discovered “Catherine Trenton Jewellery” – one of the few companies out there that sell Authentic Pre Loved Diamond Jewelry from Tiffany & Co. There was it!  

Here are a few reasons why I trust this company:
– The owner of the brand, Tina Lang, has a passion for the jewelry. She celebrates and supports women – that’s why she makes luxury jewelry affordable;
– Pre Loved jewelry comes with all the supporting documentation, so you the authenticity is 100% guaranteed;
– The incredible feedback from their customers speaks for itself. ( read what customers say here
Pre-Loved Tiffany & Co. Diamond Engagement Ring
20180815_121646    Why I believe in Pre Loved Jewelry:
– Jewelry deserves to have an endless story.
– Why not get what you truly deserve and save money?
– Every piece of jewelry has a destiny: it was created to make one person happier. It just hasn’t found the right one yet. What if it’s you?  

  The other side of the story:
I believe that women should support each other and stand for each other. That’s why I am happy to tell you about the other side of “Catherine Trenton Jewellery” – their own line of Fine Jewelry.  The side where the creativeness meets the highest standards. I am learning to make jewelry myself, so I understand how much hard work, patience, and dedication every piece requires. That’s why I can assure you that when you purchase a beloved jewelry from “Catherine Trenton Jewellery”  – you receive a perfectly unique piece that was created to make YOU happy.
CTJ Design: Morganite and Diamond ‘Embrace’ Earrings in 18ct White Gold

  CTJ Design:0.90ct Morganite and 0.06tcw Diamond Pendant Necklace 18ct 18k Rose Goldmorganiterosegoldpendant_540xOne of my favorite things about this jewelry line – it’s AFFORDABLE. You pay a fair price because there is no physical shop. You are able to save significantly off regular retail. Isn’t that fantastic?
   I think true happiness is in the details, and jewelry is what makes every woman look and feel beautiful. High standards should not be overpriced, that’s why I am so glad I found “Catherine Trenton Jewellery” – the company that was created by the woman who works hard for ladies around the world to be able to have their “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” moments.
 Learn more about the company that makes a difference here
Pre-Loved Jewelry is availible here
You can also visit their Facebook Page
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***Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Catherine Trenton Jewellery.  All opinions are my own.

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