I am who I am, your approval isn’t needed.


I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes today. I think the more we care about what world thinks of us, the less freedom we have. You don’t need anyone’s approval to do what you choose to do, to believe what you believe in and, in the end, be who you are. It’s your journey and the decision is yours. Clean eating is good for you, work out is good for you, but, man, how sweet it is to have a freedom of being who you are, know who you are and do what makes you happy. This is what allows you to create your own big dream, to stay focused and love your life. Everyone has their opinions, and you are the only one who knows what’s best for you in this chapter of your life. It took me years to believe in myself and make my own choices based on what I like, not what somebody else tells me is right for you. It also takes years to appreciate what you currently have and no to try to fight your own destiny. It all happens at a right time, and you are not the one who decided when the time is “right”. There is something bigger than you are, something that shows you what is important here and now. I am a slow learner, I make tons of mistakes before I learn one life lesson.

I used to get influenced by other people’s success, their comments, opinions, it’s like I was looking for the approval of society. And then I got so tired that I stopped. I love what I have, I love where I am at this point of my life. I am such a slow learner, but I learned. I learned the art of acceptance. I swear it was harder than anything I’ve done before. I accept myself for who I am, I accept my life and everyone in it, I accept that life is not perfect and the more you try to make it so, the harder it will punch you. I can go on and on and on. And the acceptance wouldn’t be that rewarding if I didn’t realize that somebody else’s opinion does not define me. It’s not even necessary to prove somebody wrong, let people believe what they want to believe in. I am still learning how to be patient, but I accept that I am not doing good right. And that I don’t really care what the world thinks about it. This is my story. What is yours?



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