Cup of coffee with Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening  

IMG_8658       Hey guys! I have a question to ask: what do you do when you are happy? I smile. I feel like the smile tells a lot about a person, it’s the first step to confidence. I have been a coffee addict for as long as I can remember: since the first cup of coffee in Europe, first trip to Costa Rica and visits to small coffee shops in Mexico. My coffee addiction had consequences: my teeth were not as white as they used to be before. Electric toothbrush, good toothpaste, and Crest Whitening Strips were not working anymore. That was scary, I was losing my confidence and eventually stopped smiling.  Now, if you don’t have dental anxiety, you can have your teeth whitened at the dental office. But it did not work for me: I wanted to be able to control the process, my teeth were too sensitive for the procedure, plus it was really expensive, and I needed to make time for the appointments.
   After going through some research, I realized that at home teeth whitening kit would be the best option for me. My hubby has been using the one he bought from his dentist for almost 2 years, so I had to trust his experience. I spent so much time looking for a really good whitening kit and Smile Brilliant was definitely a winner:
– The reviews for this product were amazing;
– The price for the whitening in dental office was too high and my insurance’s not willing to cover it;
– I was really impressed with the results of everyone who used Smile Brilliant. 

Long story short, here is what I got: 
1) custom whitening trays;
2) 24/7 support, all the necessary information about the process and full instructions on how to make the process less painful and more effective;
3) the whitening that did not hurt my gums, didn’t make my teeth sensitive and showed the results even after the first application.
   I have been using whitening every night before bed for two weeks. I did stop drinking coffee or wine, I was just watching movies while Smile Brilliant was working on my smile. I knew that I could stop anytime and it was completely up to me, I was in charge of my own process, the only commitment I made was my honest review for Smile Brilliant.  What surprised me is that the process that my hubby went through using his whitening kit from his dentist was exactly the same as well as the results.

   My favorite thing about using Smile Brilliant:
1) Fascinating results, minimum discomfort: when you drink coffee and use any kind of whitening strips, the spaces in between your teeth still remain yellow. This whitening system removed all of them and made my teeth look natural white.
2) I did not have to change my schedule: I just added an extra routine to my schedule that changed my smile and my self-esteem. I saved money and time.
3) It was so small, that I was able to take it with me everywhere. I didn’t have to stop traveling, drinking coffee, wine or work. It was always with me.     LRG_DSC08112IMG_9078 2The bottom line is that Smile Brilliant works as good as any whitening kit from your local dentist. I am able to have my morning coffee, work, work out etc. I don’t have to change my lifestyle in for the treatment to be effective. In fact, I am planning our next adventure while Smile Brilliant makes sure I will be able to smile as much as I want during every adventure.  

 GIVEAWAY: If you are ready to smile with confidence, enter HERE for a chance to win a FREE Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit.
AND I know we all love bonuses, so you can always order your new Smile Brilliant smile with 15% discount by entering genaadventure15 at checkout. 

IMG_9033   I hope you liked this post as much I as I enjoyed writing it! Remember: You never fully dressed without a smile! 🙂  

I am so glad to share with you my results! Please let me know if you have any questions about the process I went through and make sure you read this article. IMG_9495



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