Making Exercise a habit and reaching the balance


Hello everyone! Summer is here and that means shorts, tops, and swimsuits are back. We all want to look good no matter what time of the year it is, so we try to motivate ourselves into a workout routine.  In addition to that healthy diet always helps. I am not a trainer or nutritionist, besides I love French fries, croissants and chocolate (don’t even get me started on that), I just share what works for me hoping that it will help you as well. I can’t say I’ve always been skinny, especially living in the family where mom is a kitchen Goddess. It’s easy to put on weight if I forget about self-control. And while I started working out and changing my diet a couple of years ago, I came to a conclusion that BALANCE was the key. 

DIET. Did I stop eating sweets? Fries? Croissants? No. I just discovered that there is an actual limit.  Sometimes I also have one of those “no self-control” kind of days. I started with small changes in my diet that now make a difference. For example, whole wheat bread over white bread and brown sugar over regular one etc. In the meantime, I pushed myself to drink more water until I got used to it. I can go on and on and on. I also recommend you to investigate where your food comes from so your body gets the best. Don’t be afraid to make little steps toward healthier You — it’s always for your benefit! 

Little helpers: applications like “MyFitnessPal” will help to track your calories.  

WORKOUT. I do cardio, I dance, I hike and run.  Not because I am trying to lose weight, but because at this point I want to be strong. And, most importantly, it makes me happy. It also helps with stress and bad mood. All we have to do is have a good start: for example, I started working out to keep my hubby a company in the gym and I couldn’t believe how weak my body was. I have never wanted to be better than anyone, my competition is between “me” yesterday and today. I live in Austin now and I feel like everyone works out here, so it keeps me moving as well. Find that kind of exercise that makes you happy and that is it — you will work out because it’s fun and it’ll make you feel great about yourself.   

MOTIVATION. I want to be honest with you — if I don’t want to workout, there is no motivation in the world that will make me do it. BUT! I know that comfort zone will always be there for me. Once I said to a friend of mine (who is actually a marathon runner) that I don’t run outside, I just can’t do it. I can run in the gym, but not in the park. I used to really hate running outside – I found it to be the most boring thing in the world. Then my husband challenged me. And that was it — I pushed myself like never before and I was able to finish my first 5K run. So far so good. Challenge yourself! If there is no gym next to you – start running, biking, walking.   

Little helpers: nothing helps more when it comes to motivation and challenges than a sport watch. Ever since I bought Apple Watch and set my move goal, I became probably 50% more active than I used to be.   

When it comes to workout and healthy lifestyle, we all can use a little help or a good piece of advice. Today I want you to meet NASM certified personal trainer and marathon runner Liubov Lomonosova: from overweight, weak woman to fit, strong and positive human being. 


14 thoughts on “Making Exercise a habit and reaching the balance

  1. That’s good. It is a habit and alas, I’ve slacked off over the summer and I need to get back on the wagon. Like you, I’m not doing so to lose weight as I’m naturally slim but it does improve my mood and cardio. I prefer dance classes like Zumba but I’ll try new classes out soon.

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    1. I used to do Zumba for 2 years as well! It’s so much fun! And I agree about the mood – I am a sweet lady if I got my workout done, I think it’s a great way to handle stress 🙂


  2. I used to be so active when it came to looking after my body. I am now pregnant with my second child and I have no motivation whatsoever to workout during pregnancy like I did with my first. I hope I’ll get into it again as soon as I give birth.

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  3. Sadly, Fall has come so walking outside has gotten a lot harder than it was. I used to go out for a walk with my husband almost every day but we need to take several breaks since weather is not so good and it’s been really cold. Thankfully, we have work out room at home.

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    1. are you for real?? Where do you live? Because the weather in Austin hasn’t changed at all. And, as crazy as I may sound, I am a bit jealous of all the cold weather you are getting hehe


    1. That’s great Karla! You can also download the app called “Achievement” that will actually pay you for walking. I am using that one as well 🙂 It’s not much, but it’s enough for a cup of coffee every now and then


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