Living in Denver: what’s not to like?

   Hello everyone! Just recently I got a reminder that year ago we made one of our last pictures in our apartment in Denver CO and somehow I never mentioned on the blog that we actually lived there. What a great experience it was! So today I have a pleasure to share our little adventure in Colorado.


How did it begin? 

We used to live in San Francisco CA (find out about life in SF here), and as much as we loved the City, it was time to move on with our lives: we couldn’t handle too well the pressure of Golden City and as a new family we needed to save for our future. Hence we were ready to make changes.  

   If you travel a lot, you know that at some point you just can’t sit still in one place, you gotta go somewhere. The same story happens to us, but we also take all our belongings with us.  We had several options in mind and Denver seemed to be the best one. What’s not to like? Gorgeous nature, the city surrounded by mountains, four seasons everything was cheaper than in California. With that being said, our little family was excited to start a new chapter.  


Life in Denver

Turned out that almost everything that I heard about Colorado was true. Even though the lesson I learned from moving across the country: “don’t fully trust what people say, go and see yourself”, I still read all the reviews and feedback. The most beautiful part of life in Denver was its winter: mild with a lot of snow and mountains of adventures. Driving in that season was a challenge, as well as walking (I swear I  had to learn how to walk again;)). 

We really enjoyed museums, amazing parks, and wildlife. I think now it’s a great privilege to be able to see animals in the parks, having their freedom, and be able to observe it all. I am not even going to start on the winter resorts. If you like camping – you should definitely try it in Colorado as you will find so many amazing spots with breathtaking views.  


At this point it seems like I forgot to mention the bad things about living in Denver. The truth about us is that we always find ways to be happy no matter where we live. Otherwise, what is the point? I won’t give you any reasons not to live in Colorado because your experience will always be different from mine. You will never know the truth until you see it with your own eyes. I can tell you that life in Denver was not perfect because we did not know that Colorado would become second-fastest growing state in the U.S. and prices would rise 10 percent in 2016.   

Denver is not known as a food city, it never was. But not only the legendary Coors Brewery is there offering free tours, Colorado is generous when it comes to local beer as well. We really enjoyed: 

  – Avery Brewing Company 

  – Black Bottle Brewery 

  – Boulder Beer Company 

  – Breckenridge Brewery 

  – Great Divide Brewing Co 

  – Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern 

Talking about attractions:  

  • Garden of the Gods 
  • Pikes Peak 
  • Rocky Mountains National Park 
  • Royal Gorge Bridge 
  • Red Rocks Amphitheater 
  • Elitch Gardens Theme Park 
  • Hanging Lake  
  • Denver Railroad  


And then we left Denver. 

So why did we move from such a beautiful place? At some point, both of us felt like we were ready for a new chapter. We did not feel like we were home, so after some discussions, my husband convinced me that Austin TX was a place to live. We left Colorado, but so many great memories were created and so many lessons learned. We made new friends, had snow in March and explored more. Together, hand in hand. And who knows where our next adventure will begin!  

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!  😃



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