Helene Sula and "Helene in Between"

Today I would like to ask you about your dreams: are they big enough? How often do you dream and how often do you take risks? How often do you live on the edge in order to pursue your dreams? And are you ready to start from the scratch today?Well, if you are, or if you just want to get inspired, the story of this woman is for you. 
 Her dream seemed to be too big to go for it, but she was dedicated and brave to pursue it. She left her family, her friends and all her life in Dallas TX behind and moved to Heidelberg, Germany to fulfill her dreams of traveling of traveling in Europe. She had the support of her husband, encouragement of the family, two puppies and 2 pieces of luggage. Helene Sula is true inspiration to me and, as I want us to celebrate amazing women around us, I am sharing her story on the blog today. As I am writing this post in Austin, TX while Helene is answering my questions discovering beautiful Romania. The first thing I learned from her: do not waste your time. Value every minute of your life and try multitasking (She even wrote a book during her train trips). So who is Helene? 
So, first of all, Helene was born and raised in Dallas, TX. After she married a man of her dreams, they moved to Nashville before they decided to move to Europe. Today, Helene is a successful blogger helping hundreds of people to achieve their dreams.  
“So, we looked at each other one night over steaming spaghetti and meat sauce in our home in Dallas and knew what we needed to do: move.” 

Back to the beginning of blogging: Helene has been blogging for as long as she remembers. At first, she was writing down everything in her diary. In 2012 she was dropped 20 foot rock climbing and broke her leg and ankle. This accident made her take a break from work in social media and marketing and became a push to start her blog. Thanks to everything she learned at work, Helene was able to turn blogging into full-time job.  

Traveling abroad taught me more than I can articulate and it’s helped to shape me as a person.” 
About “Helene in Between”: the main meaning of the name of the blog is that Helene herself finds herself “in between” quite often and it also rhymes with her beautiful name.  
There is no perfect timing. You just have to start. Trust in the process and in yourself and reach for your goals.” 
I wanted to write this post mainly because I feel like Helene can inspire so many people to believe in their dreams and take risks. I want you to meet the creator of the blog “Helene in Between”: strong hard-working woman, adventurer, amazing wife, who is confident and committed to success. Once she had to start from the scratch and she did it so well! This is why I think that this woman is extraordinary and her story has to be heard.  And I hope her story will become the beginning of your next adventure and will help women of all ages to dream big, be confident and believe that everything is possible 


What made you move on after the accident? 
HeleneI started my blog in 2012 after falling 20 feet rock climbing, shattering my ankle and leg. I used my blog as a creative outlet and a way to connect and chat with people since I was forced to sit on my couch for 6 months- I could barely move! My blog was my passion projects. I quickly learned that I wanted to make it a full-time gig, so I started treating my blog like a business and finding what works best for myself, my passions, and what my audience was interested in. After healing from the accident my husband and I spent our money and free time trying to travel in Europe. This meant very short 10-day trips in which we crammed as much as we could possibly see in those short time frames. We were so in awe of Europe, we knew we wanted to move abroad. So, I made my blog my business, my husband quit his job, we saved up money, and moved ourselves and two dogs to Europe.  
 How important is it to believe in yourself? 
HeleneI think believing in yourself is one of the most essential parts about being successful, but it’s also the hardest. We live in a world of comparison. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. We see only the silver lining on Instagram and other social media sites. But the truth is, we ALL have struggles. I think it’s important to focus on what makes you unique and your passions and this will help bring out your confidence and capability to succeed.  
What would you like to say to the girls around the world that are not sure what they want to do and find themselves always “in between”? 
Helene I love this question! I think so many of us find ourselves in an in between stage. We are always searching for what’s next, how to be better, and how to succeed. While this isn’t a bad thing, it’s important to stop, look around, put your phone down, and enjoy the now. Life is so short. Your dreams and you are worth it. Do everything you can to live your dreams but along the way, enjoy your life.  
Who inspires you?   
HeleneMy mom is the most inspirational person I know. At the age of 18, she lost her parents in a fire. But she is not only resilient and strong, she is incredibly passionate and talented. She’s been an editor at a top magazine, taught 100s of students as a professor, led 50 students multiple times throughout London and published books. She’s my ultimate hero.  
What is one thing you wish you knew when you started your blog?  
Helene: When I first started my blog, I wish I knew that it was okay to invest in myself. I thought that was a crazy idea, so I played it safe. When I took some online courses and classes, updated my site, and spent some money on promotion, I gained it all back! It’s totally worth it.  
I hope you liked today’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you would like to learn more about the world of opportunities and the woman behind it, visit Helene’s blog “Helene in Between” and start following her adventures on Instagram. (Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one)
Who inspires you? 

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