When vegetarian goes to Mexico City….

   Hello everyone! I have decided to write this post because just recently I was going through some articles about vegetarian life in Mexico, and, as I discovered, most of them had names like “How to survive as a vegetarian…” or “Vegetarian survival guide…”. It really surprised me, because, being vegetarian myself, I consider Mexico City a vegetarian food paradise. If you are familiar with farmer’s markets in Mexico, you know that there is nothing to be worried about in terms of food, you will never be hungry there no matter what kind of food you eat. I can’t speak for vegans because I like good cheese and sometimes seafood, and I really take advantage of everything Mexico City has to offer. I really believe that Mexico City is the last place on Earth to starve.  Let me show you how rich Mexican food culture can be even if you are vegetarian. I obviously did not take the pictures of everything that I ate during our last trip, but if you would like to learn more about all the food in Mexico read this post. 
So, let’s begin: 
People in Mexico City know how to make life delicious by cooking with unique ingredients like corn smut or squash blossoms. All the sauces are made from the scratch and are extremely spicy (I know I was supposed to get used already 😉 )
Handmade tortillas, fresh organic ingredients, and finest Oaxaca cheese from the market make a delicious meal full of unique flavors you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. 
Do you remember when you used to buy fruits and vegetables that tasted like from your grandma’s garden? That is where Mexico is my absolute favorite place when it comes to farmer’s markets. You can try everything before making a purchase and everything is really cheap, even though it’s 100% organic.
IMG_2143 2IMG_2357
But the morning, lunch and dinner of my first days in Mexico City is always a tamale day. Street food in Mexico City is like another culture. These tamales are made from the scratch by a wonderful Mexican woman who has been selling them in the same place for more than 30 years! 
And the last, but not least: I am a sweet tooth and Mexico City has a lot of offer, but churros are the one thing you can’t miss. 

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