Date night in Austin: take him out for the best BBQ in town

To a man with empty stomach food is God.” – Mahatma Gandhi

What comes to your mind when you think of Austin? I believe you heard of the 6th street, Texas State Capitol and….. food.  If you are a picky eater, you always know what you are looking for when it comes to dining. Let me warn you: Austin may be one of the top fit cities of the USA, but we know what we work out for! 😉  Let’s talk about BBQ, burgers, pizza and beer today. I am going to give you several absolutely different option for each category, so if you would like to know the taste of Austin – my post is for you!

Let’s be honest: if you love meat, you have already heard about famous Texas Barbecue. I may not eat meat, but my husband’s taste buds don’t lie. The place everyone is talking about is called “Franklin Barbecue”, but it requires hours and hours of waiting, so if you have time – go for it, it’s worth it. But if you agree with my husband’s expression “good BBQ shouldn’t make you wait more than 15 minutes”, you should try:

Food trucks are all over the town offering any kind of food, but you don’t want to miss this one! Absolutely delicious meat, picnic tables, and good music. The atmosphere of Texas is all over the place.
Ismael’s favorite: brisket by the pound and raspberry cobbler.
Hands down to one of the oldest and still the coolest BBQ spots in Texas. The food is fantastic (including side dishes and the desserts to die for). Feel free to bring your drinks, or stop by local winery while waiting to be seated.
Located in the heart of Austin, just five-minute walk from  Texas State Capitol, this place keeps it simple:  a wide selection of pit-smoked meats, traditional sides, and desserts, friendly staff and excellent outdoor patio. It’s easy to find and worth visiting.
Ismael’s pick: beef ribs.
Nowadays it seems like there are so many options when it comes to dining, but let’s agree on this one: once in a while we still want to cheat on the diet with a good burger. In our case, we can pick the places that would be great for both vegetarian and meat options.

This place has been on the list of “favs” ever since we visited it for the first time in Dallas back in 2013. I know that now you can find it almost everywhere in the USA, but if you are in Austin – try it with exceptional Texas meat and local beer. Personal favorite – Ani Tuna burger.
Let’s go local! It’s a hidden gem on the east side of Austin offering amazing burgers, good service, and local beer. I really enjoy vegetarian burgers, the variety of handcrafted cocktails and amazing outdoor patio!
The best fast-food restaurant chain I have ever tried. No kidding! Amazing quality of burgers, always friendly staff, fast, cheap and delicious. This place is perfect for those times when you just don’t have time!
Whether it’s a Monday lunch or Saturday night, we never get tired of delicious pizza and good company! If you know what I mean, you are in a right place:

British-pub-inspired spot with an amazing selection of freshly made pizza accompanied by local beer, it’s a great option for lunch or dinner!
When my all times favorite thin crust needs a break,  we head off to the best Detroit style pizza spot in Austin. Trust me, you won’t find a place like this one anywhere else in Texas. I think can’t decide what’s better – toppings or amazing crispy crust.
I personally adore Chicago and it’s pizza, so why not to have it at home? This is why Gino’s East is a place to go when the deep-dish is calling you. The truth is that your experience is not going to be as great as in Chicago, but it will definitely be good enough to satisfy your taste buds!
 My husband loves good local beer and luckily to him Austin is very generous when it comes to it. Somehow every brewery we go or stop by has something special to offer. Most restaurants in town have a great selection of local beers, so there is no need to make a research. Here are some examples of really good spots:
Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co: live music on Fridays and Saturdays, board games, beer for him, coffee for me – both of us are happy with it.
Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden: homemade sausage, live music and the largest tap of both local and imported beers in Austin.
Pinthouse Pizza: great selection of local beer and pizza (still can’t pick what I like more LOL)
Austin Beerworks: small brewery, friendly staff, exceptional beers and good prices! P.S. Make sure you get a signature glass 😉


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