Back to the beginning of my greatest adventure: Acapulco 2013

   What do you usually hear about vacations in Mexico? Cancun. I heard about it so many times, that I am surprised I have been there yet. But I am sure I will tell you about it once I get there. Today I am ready to share my memories about famous beach resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast – Acapulco.
Back to the beginning of my greatest adventure: Acapulco 2013b2757-img_3359
Back to the beginning of my greatest adventure: Acapulco 2013
    It has a special place in my heart, because there was a time when I got engaged with my husband, who is actually Mexican, so no matter what we visit in Mexico – I always have that real adventure you may look for: I get a chance to experience both sides of the trip – Mexican and tourist one. So what should you know before you go?
In Acapulco it really matters the place you chose stay: not only because of the quality and service,  but also because the more you pay for your hotel, the better beach you are going to get. My husband knew some locals, so we rented an apartment with a beautiful view on the ocean and very clean beach. So that is a good option to have while looking for a place to stay. Many people prefer renting apartments if the length of stay is more than 5 days.
But if you get tired of the beaches,  Acapulco also offers a lot of activities and things to do like water world, scuba diving course, El Fuerte de San Diego,Acapulco city and food tours, Centro Cultural de Acapulco, museum tours, Acapulco Botanical Garden etc.There are also plenty of markets that offer handmade products like plates or jewelry.
Back to the beginning of my greatest adventure: Acapulco 2013
   Acapulco is very generous when it comes to the food – it offers a lot of things: from traditional Mexican dishes to fresh lobsters. Famous American restaurants can also be found there: in fact, we visited Hard Rock Café once arrived. If it’s your first time in Mexico, you have to try some local dishes like “Pescado a la Talla” and “Pozole Verde”.
We tried a lot of things in Acapulco, and it was absolutely delicious and even different from the same dishes in Mexico City. I must admit that food was fresh and very well prepared.
     No matter where you go to, it’s always better to carry cash than a card, because there are many places like local markets where cards are not accepted. Language barrier should not be a big problem, but it’s better to be accompanied by somebody who speaks Spanish.
 Acapulco is known for its high-energy life and absolutely beautiful beaches. It can be a perfect alternative to Cancun and it’s only 4 hours driving from Mexico City. This way you can combine big city life and the weekend on the beach. It is also not that expensive as many famous beach resort, which allows you to enjoy more for the same amount of money. I may assure you that the experience we had in Acapulco was absolutely worth of time and money. It helped to create beautiful memories for life and still takes special place in our hearts – my husband and I began our greatest life adventure there. Acapulco has high-energy life, but it can be very romantic at night, so it’s perfect not only for families as well as for couples.
   And even though it changed a lot and it’s not that safe as it used to be, I’d still come back for more beautiful memories to create!


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