I am my biggest stopper and I am my hardest pusher

I am my biggest stopper and I am my hardest pusher
Have you ever looked through that huge list in your head with all “do” and “don’t” of your day/week/month/year? And have you actually considered moving that “don’t” to “do” list? What prevents us from doing it?
   I bet we all have one reason in common: we listen too much and at the same time we do not listen at all. Let me explain what I mean by that: we listen to everyone around us except actually our inner selves – TV shows what’s good, magazine offers what’s new, friends tell us opinions and other people judge us for being the people we are. Everything that surrounds us influence so bad that we end up listening to everyone but us. As a result, we stop so many things from happening – if we take a risk and succeed, we will be extremely happy and grateful, and if we fail – we will be disappointed and start doubting ourselves again while forgetting about the valuable lesson we were presented with. So what’s the biggest stopper of our lives? I am sure that is fear – fear to fail, fear not being ready, and fear to be different, fear not to be good enough for something/somebody and that well-known fear “what if”. That is one big wall between “I did it” and “next time”.  I know that I am truly my biggest critic and my biggest fan, so I am the first who is going to judge myself if I fail and I am the first who is going be truly happy if I succeed; because at the end of the day we all go to bed with a huge speech prepared in the head about how we did today. I am the one who stops myself from trying and I am the one who pushes me to give a shot. We all have that big spoiled baby inside of us fighting with strong, confident adult every day, so it’s up to us who is going to win the battle next time. From the moment we wake up every day – the struggle begins; therefore the best thing we can do is push harder. How to do it? Start your day with time for yourself: do one thing makes you smile in the morning: kiss the ones you love, make a compliment to yourself in front of the mirror (no matter how you look like now – you look great and that’s a fact), make a tasty cup of coffee, cook breakfast, go jogging or do some yoga. Mornings are the busiest time of the day for most of the people, so “there is no way I can have that luxury” you can tell me. However, I bet you can: listening to the music you like while driving to work, taking five minutes of meditation, singing a song you like while making breakfast for the family, thinking about what makes you happy. The challenge is to embrace the power of positive thought, leaving all the negative things behind. That is hard – life’s not easy, but it’s truly worth of living. I am talking about this today because just recently I noticed how better my life can be if I push myself more every day starting from the minute I open my eyes. So that little time that you spend doing the things you like is the best gift you can be presented with, every day.
              Why? Because when you are happy with yourself, you convert into an awesome positive ball of energy, ready to achieve and be grateful, and “When you are grateful, fear disappear and abundance appear” (Anthony Robbins). Consequently, you become a pusher for a day and the adventure begins: at the end of the day you are happy about yourself – it means you are kinder to everybody else and you become the person you were meant to be. In my humble opinion, we were born to be winners, not looser and we are here to learn the lessons and succeed. No matter what you are into, you are already successful and you just have to understand it and push harder for the new achievements. The goal is to make “push” happen every day so it becomes a habit because it’s always easier to “stop” yourself and regret afterwards. Whether I am a pusher or a stopper today – the consequences are all mine and I am the only one responsible for them.
   I know I become a pusher after I create that special kind of mood that makes me feel beautiful and invincible, so I really try to stick to the plan to be in the mood as often as I can. And I also know what makes me want to stay in bed, stop moving on and converts me into the person I don’t want to be. I have a choice every day, I am my biggest stopper and I am my biggest pusher. So are you.



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