10 skincare steps for better skin

Hello there! Last time we talked about the factors that might weaken your skin during lockdown, and mistakes we can avoid. Today I would like to offer you 10 steps that changed my skin. These simple habits in your life will allow your skin glow all year round.

  1. Proper cleansing (gentle pH balanced cleanser in the morning and double cleanser in the evening). 
  2. Use a serum before moisturizer so it will allow the latte to penetrate deeper into the skin. 
  3. Never skip a moisturizer (followed by SPF in the morning). P.S. Morning and night moisturizers are not created equally.  
  4. FACE gestures: applying skincare followed by gentle massage gestures makes a difference and helps your moisturizer.  
  5. GENTLY exfoliate your face 1-2 times per week (it should never hurt/burn): physical exfoliant like a scrub or cleansing device or active AHA/BHA concentration every other night (after cleansing) will help the skin with healthy cellular turnover.” 
  6. Don’t forget about face mists and sprays that will protect your skin from pollution (including the dust at home – you can clean your place daily, there is still some dust that will get into your skin + don’t let A/C dehydrate your skin even more). 
  7. This is also a perfect time to mask it up; clay and gentle exfoliating formulas are your friends. 
  8. When applying hydrating mask overnight, use a serum applying it (it works like an eye patch) 
  9. Don’t forget to change your pillowcases at least every 3 days.  
  10. Invest in a good silk pillowcase (beneficial for skin + hair: It’s hypoallergenic, unlike all other fabric, silk won’t absorb all the pressures skincare products you applied before going to bed + can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles). 

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