One day trip to San Miguel de Allende

Hello there! My new year started with an amazing trip to Mexico! It turned out to be one of the most relaxing but, at the same time, the busiest trips to this beautiful country. We started it off by visiting my in-laws in Mexico City, followed by a road trip to small towns of the state of Querétaro, and a yearly trip to Cancun. On top of that, we have finally made time to visit UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, San Miguel de Allende. So, today I will share our perfect one-day itinerary to this unique place.

First things first: we drove to San Miguel de Allende from another small town that was only 40 minutes away. However, there is a tollway you can take if you’re driving from Mexico City. 

 If you have enough time to explore, I would highly recommend flying to Del Bajio Airport (Leon/Guanajuato), spending at least a day there, and drive to San Miguel de Allende afterward. Ultimately, there is a town called “Tequisquiapan” famous for its vineyards and Hot Air Baloon rides. 

Accommodation: We haven’t stayed overnight in San Miguel de Allende, but from what I could see – there’re so many absolutely gorgeous little hotels, and even Airbnb apartments!

Language: it is expected of you to speak Spanish. At least this is what I thought, and was prepared to do so. However, San Miguel de Allende turned out to be so touristy that English was spoken left and right. The last time this happened was during our trip to Oaxaca de Juares.  However, if you’re hoping to get better deals, Spanish would be the language of your choice.

To make your trip more enjoyable:

  • Start your morning by… finding a perfect parking spot. You won’t need a car to explore the city, and there is plenty of free parking around that fills up quickly as more travelers arrive. 
  • Have a delicious brunch with an exceptional Lavanda latte at Lavanda Café (it’s impossible to miss, there is always a line of people waiting to come in).

To see the best of San Miguel de Allende, all you have to do is wander around the city and everything I mention here will be on your way:

  1. Jardín Principal is a local meet-and-greet place. It is located across the street from the number one attraction, the Parroquia (parish church), that is a must-visit. 
  2. Mercado de Artesanias is quite a famous market where you can find almost everything from handicrafts to snacks and local produce! 
  3. Parque Benito Juares is not only a beautiful park, it’s also an amazing place to spot local artists and get away from the crowds. You will also appreciate so many beautiful streets as you walk towards it.
  4. San Agustin Chocolate&Churros. To speak my truth, we haven’t made it there even though everyone I know highly recommends this place (just check the reviews yourself). We had churros at “El Moro” in Mexico City just a couple of days before this trip, and were still full. Besides, the line was really long. 
  5. Calle Aldama is easily the most photographic street in San Miguel de Allende.
  6. Enjoy delicious food, drinks, and fun decor at La Sirena Gorda
  7. Get the best view of the city at El Mirador: it will require some serious walk up, but I promise it’s worth it!
  8. End the day by grabbing a drink at Luna Tapas Bar and enjoy the lights of the city!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope this post was useful and you’ll have the best time exploring one of the most underrated cities in Mexico – San Miguel de Allende!

P.S. Use this link to get $55 off your first booking with Airbnb. In my experience, Mexico offers one of the most unique places to stay for a very reasonable price, so I would highly recommend to give it a try.


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