3 Biergartens for the best Munich experience

Why would a girl that doesn’t drink beer (or eat meat) recommend beer gardens in Germany? Well, let me tell you one thing: my husband spends a good deal of time visiting breweries when we travel, so this post will be “beer lover approved”. He is also a picky eater, so the Biergartens mentioned here also offer a great selection of food. On top of that, I am vegetarian, so you won’t have to wonder whether your vegetarian friend or family member would have something to enjoy as well. Shall we begin?

Augustiner Keller Biergarten
If you have time to visit only one Biergarten, it should be this one. Besides the amazing atmosphere and kind people working there, it also offers a wide selection of drinks and eats. We’ve been there twice: for dinner, and also for coffee and Apple Strudel. It gets pretty crowded in the evening, so keep in mind when planning a visit.
If you are vegetarian, you’ll have no problem finding something delicious to eat as well as a few cocktails and delicious desserts.

Hofbräuhaus München
This is one of the oldest and most iconic Biergartens, so this is a must-visit when in Munich. The location is quite convenient since it’s right next to Marienplatz. I would highly recommend spending the first half of your day exploring Old Town Hall, New Town Hall, the Column of St. Mary or climb St Peter’s Church Tower for the breathtaking view of Munich. Then, you can enjoy the performance of Glockenspiel at Marienplatz at12 and head over to Hofbräuhaus for delicious lunch.
P.S. they also serve delicious coffee and a few some vegetarian options.

Paulaner Bräuhaus
Since Paulaner beer is my husband’s favorite, the trip to this Bräuhaus was planned a long time ago. It is located a little off the touristy area, so it’s a great change after the day of exploring the city. The interior is really beautiful, and the menu offers a variety of classic Bavarian dishes, as well as modern and vegetarian items. The quality of food is excellent, so is the beer and even wine! My family tried Schnitzel, Bavarian Sausages, and traditional German Goulash and were more than happy about what they got. On the vegetarian side, my salad with fried mushrooms and watermelon was outstanding!

These were 3 Biergartens approved by a picky vegetarian who favors desserts, knowledgable beer lover, a man who has been eating meat all his life and a woman who knows a lot about the quality of food. So, next time you’re in Munich – do yourself a favor, give it a try and don’t forget to tell me what is your favorite Biergarten in Bavaria’s capital!


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