Perfect one day trip from Florence to Pisa

Hello there! We have just come back from Italy, and I couldn’t wait to share with you all the adventures hoping that maybe it would inspire you to book a flight and go see it yourself. Today I would like to share with you a detailed itinerary of the trip to the city of Pisa. When I was choosing the places to see in Italy, I added the leaning tower of Pisa just to check it off my bucket list. After I saw it with my own eyes, I can tell you that it’s a must-visit in Italy, because no matter how many photos you see, how many postcards you get, the pictures are not able to show you how majestic and stunning the tower and cathedral are.

Anyway, we started the day with a traditional Italian breakfast we grabbed at the railway station. Then we found our train and it took us an hour to get to Pisa.

To get from Florence to Pisa:
1. It takes about an hour to get from Firenze SMN to Pisa Centrale.
2. We spent 34.80 EURO for 2 round-trip tickets with Trenitalia.

Once we arrived at Pisa Centrale railway station, we walked to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and stopped by a small grocery store to buy some refreshments (it was a really hot August day).

From Pisa Centrale to The Leaning Tower:
– Leaning Tower of Pisa is only a mile away from the railway station, so we walked to see more of the city.
– There is also a bus that can take you from the railway station all the way to the tower.

What we did and saw:

  1. Leaning Tower of Pisa
  2. Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
  3. Campo Santo
  4. The Baptistery
  5. Borgo Stretto
  6. Santa Maria Della Spina
  7. Walked along the river Arno
  8. Ponte di Mezzo
  9. Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo
  10. Had lunch at one of the restaurants, and enjoyed gelato far from touristy areas on the way back.

We took at least a couple of hours to walk around Pisa, so we could take a closer look at the life of the city. Even though the Leaning Tower of Pisa was our primary reason for visiting this place, it was really nice to see more than that. Because, in the end, people, their lifestyle, culture, and habits are what makes every place so incredibly unique.

P.S. If you’re coming by car, you definitely have to drive to Marina di Pisa and treat yourself to some beautiful views and their specialty seafood!


17 thoughts on “Perfect one day trip from Florence to Pisa

  1. Wow. You did make good use of one day! If I were there, I would want to stay longer. However, you showed us how to make the most of the time you have. That was awesome that you were able to see and experience so much!

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  2. Oh, you made me miss Italy so much! My family has a house in Bardolino, which is on Lake Garda, so I have spent a lot of time in that country as a child. It is still my favorite part of the world, even after having traveled all around Europe and the States – blessings!

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  3. These two paces have been on my bucket list for so long!!! I did plan a trip last summer but was unable to go. I love your photos too !!! Everything looks so beautiful!!


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