One day in Detroit and why it has to be on your bucket list?

The view from Detroit People Mover

Hello there! Today’s post is about one of the most underrated cities in the USA – Detroit. Let me be honest: this place has never been on my bucket list simply because I couldn’t understand what was so special about it. I knew it wasn’t safe – well, at least that’s what I heard. But, to be honest, life in Mexico City taught me not to judge the city by one neighborhood.
I wouldn’t mind visiting it as a part of a trip to Toronto, but even after some research Detroit still didn’t seem to be anything special to me rather than the city on the border with Canada. I didn’t have any expectations. I knew my husband really wanted to visit it, so I made the itinerary that would allow us to spend at least one full day there.
Well, how little did I know! The city with identity, history, voice, beautiful streets, high buildings, home of my first Ford car, etc.! On top of that, I met really nice talented people that created a strong community I wish we had here in Austin, TX.
Without further ado, here is our one-day itinerary for Detroit, MI.
What we did:

  • Visit Detroit’s famous Eastern Market (you can also have an amazing breakfast and a good cup of coffee there. Not to mention good music!)
  • Stop by Monument to Joe Louis and The Spirit of Detroit on the way to RiverFront.
    Because it will allow you to understand the city and its history better.
  • Take time at Detroit RiverFront
    Because it’s quite unique, you will be able to sit and collect your thoughts while watching people, ships, Ambassador Bridge and even Windsor, Canada.
  • Explore GM Renaissance Center
    Because it’s a really interesting group of seven interconnected skyscrapers.
  • Get around Downtown in Detroit People Mover
    Because it’s the best (and cheapest) way to see more of the city.
  • Plan a trip to Belle Park Isle (free entrance on Sunday)
    Because you need time to relax and enjoy something THAT beautiful.
  • Don’t forget about Detroit-style pizza at “Buddy’s Pizza”
    Because Italian Pizza in Naples, thin-crust in New York, deep-dish in Chicago, and rectangular pizza with thick crisp crust in Detroit! 🙂
  • Treat yourself to some dessert at amazing “Astoria pastry shop”.
    Because this is the biggest pastry shop I’ve been to in the USA!

Other than that there are plenty of museums including The Henry Ford Museum and Detroit Institute of Art. We visited the city on Sunday, so they were closed but we were lucky to walk around Eastern Market.

Where we stayed:
We spent two nights in Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Detroit Metro Airport Romulus and were really happy with our choice. The hotel was very clean, offered free breakfast and the location was perfect – it only took us 5 minutes to get to the airport. How great is that?

Truth be told, I could never have thought that Detroit would so warm and welcoming. Maybe it’s good luck but we met only kind and helpful people everywhere we went. And last, but not least: I wish Detroit was on my bucket list and I visited it a long time ago: it just has something special in every street, every corner and every place you go. So, if you haven’t been to Detroit, I would highly recommend it for a weekend trip: I’m sure it will surprise you!


19 thoughts on “One day in Detroit and why it has to be on your bucket list?

  1. My cousin grew up there. I agree with you when you said you should not judge a place by one neighborhood. Detroit is a lovely place!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. With your post route and pictures – I would definitely agree! I had never seen Detroit to be honest and this post truly encourages me to visit and see it for myself.


  3. Your list sounds so much fun! it would totally make the city experience way fuller and complete. I highly appreciate your inside!


  4. WOW, you’re absolutely right. A day in Detroit sounds amazing. I can’t like, due to the poor reputation of the city I never really considered going there til now. Thanks for sharing!


  5. You definitely made a strong case for a visit to Detroit! I’ve always been curious – but never had a chance to visit. Now I’m more intrigued than ever. It’s great to see the outdoor art, the old and big city vibes and some waterfront!


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