One New Year’s Resolution that can change your entire year

   Hello there! As another year comes to an end, and I can’t stop wondering where did all the time go, I would like to share my traditionally updated post about the resolutions.
   Every year I take time to write down and update my New Year’s Resolutions, carefully check each of them, make sure I remember everything. It takes me a couple of weeks to think it through and make the right choices. Well, guess what? I missed that part of the tradition this year. I had like 7 reminders on the phone to make sure I don’t forget about the resolutions, and yet I managed to forget.
So, here I was on the 30th of December trying to figure out one thing I wanted to commit to. Just one. Something that I desperately needed next year, something that would change me and my perspective. When I think about previous years, my New Year’s Resolutions used to sound like this: to be kind to myself and others, push harder, not to give up, eat healthier and exercise more, not to take anything or anyone for granted etc. I don’t have anything like that this year. Instead, the New Year’s Resolution of 2019 is going to be more profound, tough to commit and easy to quit. Just one little resolution that scares me more than anything because I know it’s really difficult one. I want to really challenge myself and all of you out there to add this one to your list (if you have one, if not – join the club, I don’t have a list either).
   PATIENCE. That’s what my life needs. From the first moment I wake up in the morning and to the minute I close my eyes at night I need to be patient. I am challenging myself to adopt just one simple but so difficult habit: I want to be patient to organize my thoughts, to take it easy on me, to make an extra minute to prepare healthier meal for my family, finish that workout, and all the little things in life. I want to be patient to see what the New Year prepared for me, so I am ready to accept it.
   Life happens so fast, and most of the times, we are in a hurry. And I feel like there is one thing that will allow me to slow down and enjoy it. Every single thing in life requires an enormous amount of patience. Dreams and goals take a lot of time and hard work. So, if I decided not to quit on them, I’d better have patience to accept every page in my book of life and commit to every task that will bring me where I want to be.
   What’s your New Year’s Resolution?


36 thoughts on “One New Year’s Resolution that can change your entire year

  1. Such a well written article. It’s so true whatever we dream , it’s only through patience and hardwork we can achieve it when obstacles hit.I am almost ready with my new year resolutions for 2019. Hope this year brings the best for all of us.

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  2. This is such a great resolution for this year. Mine is simply to be a little more kind to myself and to be more present and not stress the future.

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  3. I loved this post! New Years is a time for change and new beginnings and I feel this had that feel to it. Patience is key for everything in life and I commend you on this being your resolution! My resolution is to just be more excited about life. Glad I read this!

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    1. You kind words made my day! Thank you for taking time to read and leave such great feedback. I love your resolution as well – seems to be simple, but it’s so hard to have a positive mindset all year long.


  4. Funny, I just did a similar post today, looking back at my focus phrase (change and growth) for 2018, and reflecting on goals I met or not. I also looked ahead to my 2019 goals and my phrase: Declutter and Simplify.

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