9 things to thank our moms for this Mother’s Day

IMG_0029 2Hey there! Today’s post is very special to me and, I hope, will make an impact on your day. May is a month of Mother’s Day and it’s my mom’s birthday month. So, I have decided that it was about time to praise somebody, whose impact on our lives will never be appreciated enough. I am talking about somebody who is the beginning and the end of everything, somebody who adds a meaning to everything and somebody who is the reason for everything. As you could already guess, I am talking about MOTHERS. Let’s remember the little things our moms teach us during our journey:  
1) Unconditional love.  
We learn to love the world from our mothers. Mothers don’t have days off, they don’t have excuses, moms don’t judge their children.  No matter how good or bad you think you are, how many mistakes you make and how many struggles you face, mother loves you as much as the day you were born. Let’s thank moms for that! 
2) The ability to forgive. 
Here is a question: how many times we upset our moms and how many times she forgives? It seems like her heart is so big that the world can fit in it. So, when we are mad on somebody, let’s forgive because if mom can do it, we can do it as well.  

3) Balance. 
Do you know what always surprises me? Our mothers have amazing skill of multitasking and, at the same time, they know when it’s time to pull yourself together and when it’s time to relax. They have about a million different techniques to overcome obstacles every day and they make it look like it is not a big deal. They know that balance is the key, and that only experience and life lessons allow you to find it. Shout out to mom for that!  

4) Family comes first.  
Day or night, rain or shine, family first. In the world where everyone tries to be successful, to have a great career and professional growth, we forget that there is nothing more important than family. And nobody knows it better than our moms. They make family a priority and everything else comes along. This is a valuable lesson that all of us learn when we reach a certain age.  

5) Beauty comes from within.  
This is, perhaps, something we have to be reminded of every day. Especially in times in Instagram, Facebook, world of Influencers, material things and attempts to be better than ever. Just look at your mom, look at her pictures when she was younger, what do you see? You see a gorgeous woman who always looked beautiful. Why is that? Because her beauty comes from within first.  

6) “I told you this would happen!”😉  
How in the world they know? Like seriously! Moms know everything about everything. They still pretend that you can surprise them, but they are acknowledged about so many different things in life that we’d better start learning from them right now! 

7) You are a gem. 
Speaking of self-love and confidence…. it also comes from mom. As a child, you always look up to your mom. You want to be like her, to behave the way she does, you try her high heels, you are all about your mom. And your mom is the one who tells you that you are absolutely the best. When we grow up, we get influenced by an outside world, we make mistakes and learn again. And yet, you are a gem for your mom. She is your biggest fan, she believes in you and your choices. I think if you give yourself at least half of the credit your mom gives you every day, you will be unstoppable! 

 8) “Nothing worth having comes easy.” 
Since the day we are born our moms challenge us, they make us learn languages, dance, play musical instruments, cook, attend all kinds of classes. They teach us to work hard towards our goals, they teach us to be successful in everything we do and make smart choices. Moms know that hard work pays off.  

9) To wrap it up, I am adding something my mom introduced me to besides all I mentioned before. And that is style. For as long as I remember, my mom has always had that “Chanel red lips” and a pair of good high heels. She has style. My mom is always busy – she is the first one to wake up and the last one to go to bed, but she always makes time to get her nails done, to iron her clothes and walk like she runs the world. It’s like she makes a tribute to the womanhood. If you are a woman, you have to be proud to be one!  
    Happy birthday mom and happy Mother’s Day! Here is to every mom in the world: we love you, we learn from you and we look up to you! We may not appreciate you as much as want to sometimes, but it’s safe to say that our life begins with you! 
    I hope this post reminded you how great your mom is! Aside from all the wisdom, what is one thing your mom introduced you to?


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