8 delicious​ treats​ for healthier YOU


Hey guys! 2018 calls for the change and it’s time to embrace it. Here is my little secret: I am a sugar addict. For as long as I can remember I have been “eat cake for breakfast” girl. Just recently I got curious and ended up reading multiple articles about the danger of sugar. The next step was to watch the number of sweets I used to eat every day. The discovery I made was shocking: I was able to find sugar in yogurts, almond and coconut milk, “healthy” protein bars etc. So, I became “read the label” kind of girl. Balanced diet and workouts did not make any sense when I realized how much harm my uncontrolled desserts were doing. Do you feel me? Long story short, I took it seriously and promised to control my sugar addiction. It’s not my New Year resolution, I am not doing it to lose weight or anything like that. I do it for me: I want to make peace with sugar. Today I would like to share with you my new favorite snacks:  

 1) Date Coconut Rolls from Sprouts Farmers Market.IMG_7895 2

2) Vegan sugar-free cookies (using this recipe)Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.00.09 AM

3) Whole Wheat Fig bars (you can find them at Whole Foods Market as well as Sprouts Farmers Market)


4) Homemade Funky Monkey smoothie: unsweetened Almond Milk, banana, cocoa powder and almond butter. Tastes amazing!!

5) Figgy Pops Choco crunch Supersnacks (taste like regular candies!!!). You can get them here or at Costco. IMG_8008


6) Central Market organic dark chocolate.

7) Chips. If you absolutely love regular chips, you may want to switch to something better. Tortilla chips called “Paqui” are made in Austin, TX and are gluten-free, Non-GMO with no preservatives, artificial ingredients or flavors. 


8) Siggi’s Skyr Plain Icelandic Style Yogurt 


   So these are my favorite snacks & treats I found after I made peace with refined sugar. I have learned an important lesson: sugar is a serious addiction that was affecting me every day in the way I did not know before. Let’s be healthier! Let’s make this year the best year yet! And let’s love our bodies and treat them like temples. 



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