White Christmas in Denver: last minute adventure of 2017 

   Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with you the craziest adventure we had in 2017. We came from Canada and I was ready to spend the end of the year at home. Our Christmas was planned, fresh tree was bought and there were presents under it. On Friday morning my hubby started talking about spontaneous decisions and the times when nothing was planned. I knew where this was going…. 🙂   


   It took us about 2 hours to change our plans, book the hotels, come up with the budget and hit the road. We were driving to Denver, CO.  We felt like it’d be a perfect trip to celebrate all the adventures of 2017. So why Denver? To be honest, I think there is no better place in the USA for a white Christmas than Colorado. Even when we lived there, I was absolutely amazed by its winter. We did not have a chance to go snowboarding, but let me assure you: we had a lot of fun. We visited Downtown, went to places we used to like, apartments we lived in, even the dealership where we bought our first car. We made so many memories in Colorado that almost every street was full of “Remember this place?” and “this street was different”.  

If you are wondering what made us move to Austin, TX, I talked about it here

   We were upset that it may not snow, but it took an hour for Denver to look like Winter Wonderland.  As we walked to Larimer square and felt nostalgic, we remembered our favorite streets, special moments, experiences and were ready to make new ones.  If you are looking for a weekend getaway in Denver, CO, I am sure you will always find plenty of things to do like Denver Art Museum, Elitch Garden Theme Park, Garden of the Gods, Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and much more. There is always something going on.  

And when it comes to food, here are some really good places to consider: 

Pikes Peak Brewing Company for amazing beer selection and delicious food (beer cheese soup was the best!). I couldn’t say “no” to hubby, so it was our first stop in Colorado.IMG_7100

The Market at Larimer Square: the only bakery in the USA (!!!) where my hubby would buy Spring Fling cake. This time it was the perfect combination: delicious cake for him, coffee and cookies for me, and Winter Wonderland outside. IMG_6486

Crú Food & Wine Bar hand down one of the best cheese fondue I have ever tried. The service, wine selection, and interior make it a perfect place for a date night. 


The 9th Door Capitol Hill is our favorite Spanish Tapas restaurant in Colorado. The service and decor are memorable, paella is a must try as well as well-prepared sangria.

Menya Noodle Bar for delicious noddles and Tuna/Salmon Poke Bowls. It was our first time here and we enjoyed everything from the first minute: convenient location, excellent service and delicious food.LRG_DSC06682

Sushi Katsu has officially been our favorite Sushi Bar since 2015. All I am going to say is quality, quality, and quality of the food and fast service. No wonder it’s always crowded. (They also offer “All you can eat” options) 

Kachina Southwestern Grill was our choice for the Christmas feast. We wanted to have the food that would be light,but delicious. At the same time, the feeling of home combined with fast service was important. It was also our first time here and I was pleasantly surprised by food overall: it tasted like mom’s homemade food + I had enough vegetarian options for me. 


I hope you enjoyed this post. What is your favorite thing about Denver, CO? 



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