Meal kit delivery services for travelers: Blue Apron and Hello Fresh

Nowadays meal kit deliveries become more and more popular: they allow us to save time, bring new flavors to the table and learn something new. It’s a great find for a busy lifestyle and a chance to take a break from daily routines while bringing all the family together in the kitchen.  
Why did we decide to give it a try?  
Well, it’s hard to find only one reason. Besides the fact that we were really curious about the whole concept, we saw it as a great idea not just for normal life, but for a life of travelers. And here is why:  when we came back from the trips, the last thing we wanted to do is go to a grocery store.  Besideswho doesn’t like homemade food, especially after traveling? That is why I thought it’d be a great idea to skip the grocery store and come home to a box of fresh ingredients that would make a great meal in about 25-45 minutes.  

 What did we expect from meal kit delivery services? 
Because we care what we eat: quality and freshness of food matter.  
Because I am vegetarian and my husband loves meat: variety of recipes for both of us. 
Because we try to maintain a balanced lifestyle: meals not too high in calories. 
What plan did we choose? 
We ordered a 2-person subscription with 3 meals per week from both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. 
On the menu:  
– Salmon & Freekeh Salad; 
– Olive & Pepper Grilled Cheese Sandwiches; 
– Fresh Cavatelli & Spicy Corn. 
Pricing$59.94 (you can get $30 off your first order)
– All the ingredients were extremely fresh; 
– No additional charge for shipping; 
– Clear step-by-step guide accompanied by pictures; 
– Easy and fast to prepare; 
– Decent portions.  
– Several ingredients in the box were changed and notifications were sent when it was already out for delivery; 
  As I mentioned earlier, we try to eat healthier at home, that’s why 800 calorie meals were a little too much.  
– All the ingredients for 3 meals came jumbled together 
On the menu: 
– Blackened Fish Tacos; 
– Thyme and Honey Pork Chops; 
– Buttered-Up Steak. 
Pricing: $69 (you can get $40 off your first order) 
– Freshness of ingredients; 
– Veggie boxes are available; 
– No additional charge for shipping; 
– Breakfast options are available; 
– All the ingredients are in separate bags for every recipe in the box 
– They also include additional coupons for other services; 
– Easy and fast meal preparation.  
Conclusion: Overallmeal kit delivery services are an excellent idea for our busy lives. It’s a great find for those, who travel a lot and would like to know that they will be able to enjoy homemade delicious meal upon arrival. It’s amazing for those, who would like to improve their culinary skills and try new dishes. Meal kit deliveries definitely allow you to experiment with the ingredients, and get, first of all, quality meal.  
dc299-image5What box did we like more? 
Even though we were pretty happy with both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh boxes, we both agreed that Hello Fresh would be something we would like to order again. They have so many options for both vegetarians and meat lovers: I was able to enjoy amazing vegetables and fish and my husband, at the same time, liked the quality of the meat. Another reason is the calories of the meals. We don’t want to spend time sorting the ingredients for every meal – we want to have all the ingredients for every recipe separated and ready to be cooked. That’s why we prefer Hello Fresh over Blue Apron. P.S. In the recipes we were able to substitute mayo for nonfat sour cream, flour tortillas for yellow corn ones, sourdough and used much less salt and oil. 
Available coupons: 
Blue Apron: use the link to get $30 off your first delivery.
Hello Fresh: use the link to get $40 off your first delivery.
I hope you enjoyed this post. And while we are about to try next 2 boxes of delicious meals, why don’t you try both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh? What is your favorite meal kit delivery service? 😉  

One thought on “Meal kit delivery services for travelers: Blue Apron and Hello Fresh

  1. I like Hello Fresh, though I think the UK version is slightly different! This does explain why Hello Fresh sent me so many bags though… I didn't realise they were meant to be for different meals XD (I put everything in one bag, I don't have space for all those!)


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