12 daily routines for Happy and Healthy You

    Life teaches us that anything can happen, and as time passes I feel like it’s so important to be happy every single day of my life. No matter what your situation is, where you live and what you do — you deserve to feel good about yourself. I write this post because I spent couple of years feeling that life was so unfair to me and everyone else was happy until I realized that happiness is a conscious choice. It’s an inside job that is based on every day‘s choices we make 

Here are 12 simple routines for Happy and Healthy You: 
Do your audit 
It requires time, but it’s worth it. Think of everything and everyone that makes you happy. Try to remember people that make you laugh and the things that bring you joy. Now think about sadness, negativity, complaints, stress and the source of it. You don’t need it in your life, right? Imagine that every day of your life is an empty glass and it’s up to you to decide what is going to be in there. Don’t be afraid to choose and fill it only with the things and people that make you feel great about yourself 
Make time for yourself 
I’m not even going to start on how essential this one is. With the speed of life that we have now, most of us simply forget to take a fiveminute break and listen to ourselves.  
No matter what your likings are — books, magazines, newspapers – go for them!  You get the inspiration from them, reading makes your world more beautiful. Wake up in the morning and give 10 minutes of your time to something informative and go to bed with a book you always wanted to read and you will never be bored.  
Stay hydrated  
Water, water, and more water! This is the cheapest and yet the most effective contribution to your body. You can never underestimate the beautiful changes it brings.  Water makes your body happy and lets all the negativity leave it. I always make sure I have enough water with me, so I don’t forget to take as much as needed for a healthier me. It’s hard to pick up this habit, but once you commit and start feeling the difference — you won’t be able to give it up.  
Keep the balance 
Balancing every aspect of your life not only makes you happier, it makes you healthier. It comes with everything: everyday routineworklife choices, food preferences, etc. You live once, so “Eat cake first” and have a good workout afterwards. I am sure that nothing brings you more satisfaction than a balance in your life.  
Sleep tight 
Sleep tight all 8 hours. Let your organism recover after the long day. I know that the relationship with a bed doesn’t work all the time, especially when you are young, but I know that I am a different person after I had my 8 hours of rest. I smile, I have so many ideas and energy, I am happy to meet the new day and everything that it brings. Try it!  
Your smile is a reflection of you and I can bet it’s a beautiful one. So smile even if you don’t feel like because most of the times everything is not as bad as it seems to be. It’s about your attitude. Once you smile, the world around starts changing for better. Even if it’s not your luckiest day“you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. 😉  
Make a list and stick to it  
I learned that Monday morning (or Sunday night) is the best time to make up my mind and write down all the things have to do during the week. I do my best to stay organized, but we are all people here, we forget.  So I put everything on the paper and make sure I follow my list. I know this will save you a lot of time and nerves, you will have everything done on time and feel incredibly happy and proud of yourself. (And if not, follow the step before😉) 
Step out of your comfort zone 
Once in a while push yourself further than before. Even if it’s scary, even if it seems impossible and too hard to do. Apparently, once you overcome the fear, you become the happiest human being! Start running, open your business, learn something new, go skydiving (not just talking, planning to finally do it this year), start eating healthy.  I am the girl who loves the comfort and it’s hard for me to leave it, but I push myself to leave my fears behindAnd if I can do it — anybody can!  
Take walks 
Morning jogging, evening walking or taking your dog out — get used to leave your house or office and breathe outside. Nothing cleans up your head and organizes your thoughts better than fresh air. When I was a kid, my dad used to make me take walks all the time and I was so mad at him, I’d rather check my phone or watch TV. Now I finally understood the importance. I also discovered recently that waking up adds energy and positive vibes. (take your dog with you — it’s even more fun)  
Spoil yourself 
It may sound silly, but I know it works. I always say: “If you are happyyou want the whole world to be happy.” So do something that would make you feel good and special. Only by doing what you truly love (at least from time to time) you can be happier and find peace with yourself 

believe that there is nothing more valuable than time, so I feel like we really forget about the most important people — our loved ones. My husband taught me that life is much more than Instagram, and it’s time to turn your phone off and be with the one who should always come first — family.  

   Do you have any routines that help you? If you do, please comment below. Let’s try to make this world a little happier and healthier than it is now.  



4 thoughts on “12 daily routines for Happy and Healthy You

  1. Nice Tips, I would like to share one thing that will make a huge change in your life 🙂

    Always drink a glass of water before eating and don't drink it for 2 hours after when you are done eating.

    Just try it, you will stay healthy and won't feel lazy after eating.


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