Limitless adventure

   When did traveling become a way of life? When exactly did we become more open with each other, more confident about ourselves and received the access to the most incredible places in the world? When waiting stopped being an issue and letters became live stories, videos, and messages? How did it all change us and what is going to happen next?

   I must admit that I feel incredibly lucky to live in an era when the word “access” is taken to another level. We may complain about kids spending all their free time on the Internet or social network taking most of our lives, but I came to the conclusion that thanks to our phones, computers and thousands of applications we use, there is a wonderful opportunity to see the world being at home.  There is a chance to see people who live far from us and be with them in good and bad times. We have a  freedom to enjoy a simple cup of coffee with somebody who is on the other side of the world.  Technologies allow us to have conversations and share our days no matter where we live.  I call it “limitless adventure”.
It’s a very convenient way of discovering the world. No, I don’t mean it is better or worse that actual traveling, but that is something that we don’t value most of the times. It’s so easy to turn on Skype or FaceTime and let your family and friends discover the world with you. We send each other videos of the most beautiful parts of the worlds sharing inspiration and good vibes for those, who may need it. Reading and watching the stories of other people, no matter whether they are my friends, family or strangers, has already become a part of my morning routine. I grab my cup of coffee and spend some minutes to know something new and get inspired because I know that so many things happen while I sleep and so many talented people are willing to tell me about them. No, I am not on my phone/laptop right after I open my eyes (even though it used to be an issue for me), I do my best to manage my time during the day, so I have a chance to do everything.
  It’s day here, but night there and while we are just waking up, somebody else is going to bed after a productive day. And somehow you become a part of it.
We share our emotions via live videos,  we let the world be a part of the best events in our lives and have so much fun seeing someone’s adventures. Just imagine if we didn’t have this opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I love sending cards and letters, but most of the times I’d rather see my mom’s smile and text her with no need to wait weeks for the answer. That is why the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the technologies is “sharing”: pictures, videos, stories, lives, moments, smiles, tears, adventures and much more.
I have friends who live in different countries, have different lifestyles and habits, and so many of them I met because of the Internet. It connects people more than we can even imagine. Actually, this is how I met the man I am lucky to call my husband today.
Today I have opportunity to share everything I see and everything that surprises me or can be interesting. You know, there is a saying: “Traveling is the best education”, therefore I am so grateful to people that let me learn through their stories.

   For me personally, everyone is a traveler and there are so many stories behind every day. The experience you have helps other people to live in that exact moment with you as well. Your adventure can empower and inspire. Your experience is unique and that is why it’s valuable. So let the others discover with you!



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