I am thankful for…

   Happy almost Thanksgiving! This is the fourth time my hubby and I are going to celebrate it, and this year we are Austin. My husband was the one who introduced me to this holiday – we don’t usually celebrate it in Ukraine, where I am originally from. He is Mexican, so in our international family we respect and share traditions of each other, therefore holidays like Christmas and Easter happen twice per year, but we are so glad to share Thanksgiving. If somebody told me four years ago that my life would be like that and this week I am going to go for a “pick a pie” kind of run, cranberry hunt and all this in Austin TX, I most likely would have laughed and said, “Get out here!”.
   But all jokes aside today. Years had passed before I truly understood the meaning of Thanksgiving Day. Today I am extremely thankful for all the challenges  my husband and I took together and all the problems we faced. No matter how hard it was,  we stuck together with nothing but love for each other. Was it always that easy? Not at all. We come from different countries with different language, culture, traditions and habits. I am blessed with a great family, who accepted him from the day one. In fact, nothing makes me happier than realizing how close they’ve become.
And even though living far from our families is hard, I would like to take a moment and say how grateful we are for kind words and support we get from them. Life is a battle, but we are fighters and we will get as many victories as needed to make all our dreams come true.
For me, Thanksgiving is, first of all, a chance to take a moment to realize how blessed I am and give thanks for all I have and all I don’t have, for all the life lessons I learned. It is about sharing a tasty meal with the ones you truly grateful to. It’s time when I can look back and see what a great journey it has been and look forward to big things to happen.
This Thanksgiving I share the meal with my one and only and I am grateful that everyone I love is healthy and happy. I am blessed to have all I could ever ask for: the man of my dreams, supportive family and good friends. I smile and thank God for all I have and all I do not have. I am sure there will be so much more amazing moments in life and the best is yet to come! Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! What are you thankful for this year?


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