Foodie in Mexico City

   Every time I go to new place, I meet very different people – culture, language, tastes, customs etc. But there is one thing that holds us all together – food. Well, who doesn’t like good cuisine? Whether it’s a beginning of the day or “after work” meal, everyone loves a perfect mix of unique spices and rich flavors. 
   Food is like a religion in Mexico. Whether you are a fan of seafood, you love good meat, you are vegetarian or simply keep a healthy diet Mexico has a lot to offer. It is a paradise for food fanatics. So take a first step – try some authentic food from the locals! Even if you have already tried Mexican food outside of Mexico, keep in mind that this is going to be nothing like what you tried before. You are about to have a whole new experience. You will find some unique dishes and flavors and won’t be disappointed.
 People from all over the world come to live to Mexico, so they will not only help you to find smth unique, but will also show the places that you are used to (e.g. Hard Rock Café, Hooters). 
   Locals love seafood and Mexico is very generous when it comes to it. Feel free to visit restaurants next to local markets for always fresh, cheap and delicious fish, clams, shrimps, etc. 


   The search for a real taste of Mexico will bring you to street food. Trust me, it is a perfect place to be at and a whole new adventure to take. Tacos, tamales, churros, chicharron, ceviche, local cheeses, and shrimp cocktail – these are only few things that Mexican streets can offer you. The unique sauces, rich flavors, surprising recipes and unforgettable combinations – this is what food is about. When it comes to eating. My personal key to happiness is “sauce on the side”!’)) Those who say “Any experience is a good experience” have never run out of the kitchen where Mexican woman prepares hot sauce out of red chilies. Well, I did. It becomes so spicy that it hurts your eyes even before you have courage to try it. And I had no idea about that. Right before I started screaming. I was friendly chatting with my sister in law trying to explain why avocado does not taste right for me (that was another challenge to take)). If you are not sure how spicy the dish is going to be, don’t drive your taste bugs crazy right away! Take it easy and on the side)).

   The adventure is never complete without local drinks. And this is not about famous Margarita. Everyone knows that taste of vacation in Mexico)). I am talking about such Mexican drinks as tapache, agua de alfalfa, orchata or agua de frutas. Super fresh, healthy, delicious and unique little helpers for a hot day in Mexico food. Made of organic fruits I assure you there is nothing like that in the whole world.
Foodie in Mexico City

Foodie in Mexico City

If you ask me about the restaurants I want to visit again and again while in Mexico City, I would definitely know what to tell you. My desire to enjoy delicious Mexican seafood straight from the ocean will bring me to “Los Delfines”. One of the best tacos al pastor are served in “El Califa”. If your family likes good meat and wine as much as mine does it, you don’t want to leave without spoiling them in “La Vid Argentina Condesa”. And, finally, if you are looking for a perfect place to finish your adventure in Mexico City, “Bellini” restaurant is a place to be. It is also an outstanding option for a romantic dinner. Located on the 45th floor of the World Trade Center, it is a world’s largest revolving restaurant that offers you an international cuisine and a stunning view. 
   So come to Mexico and may avocado, lime and “salsa picante” be with you! 😉

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