Can you afford traveling more often? Yes,​ you can!


Here is the fact you already know about me: I love traveling. I am pretty sure I got addicted to it after the trip to San Diego back in 2011. Then I met my favorite travel bug, and one thing we had in common was the desire to explore, to see and experience more. I started getting questions about the things we do to be able to afford travel. So, today’s post is dedicated to the true cost of adventures.
   Are there any drastic measures?
The truth is that we don’t do anything major, we just save here and there on a regular basis, and, if we have a trip planned, we would put some extra effort and go through the expenses. For example, if we feel like going out, we would try to make to it “happy hours”. Wine o’clock is really good on the patio at home, and brunch prepared together tastes as good as the one in the restaurant. We love going to the cinema every now and then, and it doesn’t become better or worse on $5 Tuesdays: in fact, if the movie turns out to be bad, at least we won’t complain about $30 we wasted.
   What’s important for you?
This is the only question you have to ask yourself. What would you rather spend your money on – shopping, furniture, makeup, nights out, furniture, better car or traveling? And there is nothing wrong if you want to have it all at the same time – but that means you don’t need to travel right now.

   What is traveling for you?
Why do you want to travel? For us, it’s a therapy and the best medicine. That’s why we went to Europe, drove to New Orleans and flew to Mexico City instead of buying furniture for the house.

Also, a well-planned itinerary can save a fortune. I usually make a research before we visit the place, look for any deals and discounts we can get.
How to save in expensive places like Rome, Italy and still have the best experience?
Even though we don’t stay in the motels, we still try to save on accommodation. I would like to say that we try to be travelers, not tourists: that means to live like a local, and think like a local: that’s why we will never stay in “all inclusive”. Going to local restaurants, getting recommendations from people that really know doesn’t just save a lot of money – it opens a whole new world.
You can save some $$ as well as time and patience by traveling with carry-on. (Read how to pack for a trip with a carry-on here).
When you try to save money for the trip, planning is your best friend. Everyone knows that it’s cheaper to buy and book in advance: I would use Google Flights and turn the notifications on for the flight I am interested in. I would also keep an eye on low-cost airlines: they usually offer pretty good deals.

Final thoughts: traveling requires planning – long, hard, headache like planning. It takes more than flight alerts notifications, it takes time – to read the reviews, to make a research, decide what to visit, where to eat, how to take the best out of every trip. So, all it takes is time to plan a good adventure. The question you have to ask yourself: is it worth it?


23 thoughts on “Can you afford traveling more often? Yes,​ you can!

    1. You are a makeup pro girl! I was just asked so many times how to save money and travel, and many people requested this post. So, it’s definitely for everyone who’s proirity is traveling 🙂 It’s like you always know how to get the best deals on makeup and skincare!

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  1. I love traveling, but right now, it’s not a priority! It’s quite ironic how I am a lifestyle & travel blogger, but I took a break on traveling. Haha. But, I agree with you. Traveling requires a lot of planning! There are so many deals available, but you also have to be smart about it. Can’t wait to travel soon!

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  2. Love this! Everyone always wants to know how to save for traveling, and it really is a decision you make on a daily basis. It’s about letting small things go so you have more $$ for the big things that matter to you!

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