5 things that bring me joy this holiday season

Hello December! This month is all about finding happiness in small things. Today I am excited to share with you 5 things that bring me joy this holiday season.

  1. Starbucks holiday reusable cup.
    You may already know that I love small independent coffee shops, and most of the time I make my coffee at home, BUT! I absolutely love Starbucks holiday drinks and the fact that such a big company decided to be more mindful about the planet and give away the environmentally-friendly cups that you can recycle!
  2. Neutral colors
    I love living colorfully, but after I did my first 10×10 challenge ((the challenge to pick 10 pieces of clothes and wear ONLY them for the next 10 days), I started buying more pastel colors. Just because they are easier to style, feel cozier and bring some kind of peace to me.
  3. Handwritten Christmas Cards
    This is one of my favorite traditions this holiday season. I get them every year, and we send them out to my families and friends all over the world. Nowadays, when technology is everywhere, handwritten cards become more meaningful.
  4. Taking breaks from my phone.
    If you have updated the iOS on your iPhone, you already know that there is a new feature that allows you to limit the time you spend on your phone. This is hands down my favorite thing! After I tried this feature, I felt like I had more freedom. But I understood how different life can be with a day of service-free life when we visited Lost Maples State Natural Area this fall. It was truly an amazing experience, and this holiday season I would like to encourage you to do the same thing – take breaks from your phone, and enjoy life as it is.
  5. All things Christmas in the house
    I am crazy when it comes to holiday season. For me, it’s not only about the day of Christmas, but it’s also about all the time when you can smell fresh Christmas tree, decorate the house, bake some cookies and have long talks with a cup of hot cocoa. I come from the family of well-established Christmas traditions, and I am so glad my husband is so on board with all my “ho-ho-ho” madness.
    What things bring you joy this holiday season? I hope you are having a great one!


  1. I also love decorating the home for Christmas! I add to it every year haha. The starbucks near my home actually gave away the holiday cups when you ordered a holiday drink! I love mine!


  2. One of my favourite things about this time of year is the weather being more suited to cosy nights in, I find we chat more and are generally more connected and well rested compared to the busy summer! Love the sound of a 10 x 10 challenge, I think I need to give that a try, my wardrobe is overflowing!


  3. These are great ideas! I love writing cards, but I only do a few because it takes so much time, but it’s so good to do to keep in touch with family and friends. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas for the holidays!!!

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  4. I have never received a handwritten card in such a long time! Well, part of it is my fault too because I never sent any too. This year, one of my high school best friends came home after living abroad for 30 years. She wants all 5 of us to start writing to each other. Like real letters sent through snail mail. I think that is a good idea!

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  5. I do have an app on my phone that block my time and even shuts done any app that I spent too much time on It’s brilliant and scary at the same time. This season I am so excited about cooking a few traditional meals as I am far away from home and looking forward to reading, I am so behind

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  6. The things that bring us joy at Christmas time are the simple things a your post illustrates. For me the ultimate joy is having the dinner with my family and freely talking about whet ever comes into our heads while doing so.


  7. The things that bring us joy at Christmas time are the simple things as your post illustrates. For me the ultimate joy is having the dinner with my family and freely talking about whet ever comes into our heads while doing so.

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