Traveling with a carry-on:  


Hello everyone! Who doesn’t like traveling with a carry-on? It saves so much time in the airports, there is no chance to lose it, and no stress over the thought that something may be broken, lost, or even stolen. I have decided to travel with a carry-on after I missed my connecting flight while waiting for my luggage in New York JFK Airport. I lost so much time that, in the end, was it even worth it? Also, if you are into traveling, you already know that there is nothing like catching a good deal using low-cost airlines, but the luggage fees are really high. So, here is my strategy to successful traveling only with carry-on: 

Before the trip:
– I always check the weather at the destination, read about possible changes and consider the “feels like” factor. I also think of the activities we’ll be doing there. That helps to make a list of the things I may need.
– I also try to take light and easy to move around hardshell suitcase: if it is heavy and uncomfortable, it just limits the weight I can use to take my stuff. I usually travel with my Samsonite one, but you can get similar here.
I always travel with my backpack as well – it is still considered as a personal item and can be used to carry things like camera, beauty products, laptop or anything that didn’t fit in the luggage.
– After that, I make a list of the things that I want to take – that usually includes basics like 2 pairs of jeans (one wearing), a couple of shirts, 2 pairs of comfortable shoes(one wearing) etc. Basically, the things that can make a good use and are easy to style. Don’t laugh at me, but a light pajama is essential for me as well.:)  I would roll up all the clothes that I need in the way that they don’t take too much space.
Read here what skincare products I take with me.
As for makeup, I would limit myself to everything that would work for easy natural look. 

During the trip:
– I  wear the heaviest pieces, so my carry-on meets the weight requirements. That includes jackets, boots, sweaters etc. Or the dresses that require extra care/ironing during summer travels.
– I try to do laundry on the trip at least once so I always have fresh clothes to wear, and don’t come back home with a luggage that goes straight to the laundry.
– I buy things that I wasn’t able to take, like razor blades, and shampoo/conditioner. They are very cheap and availible everywhere, so why not? 

  Final tip: after you pack, go through the list of the things you took one more time to make sure you are not missing anything important, and that you don’t overpack. Don’t take the things that you won’t be able to use several times, as the space in your carry-on is pricey, and you will be too excited during the trip to care about a t-shirt that you didn’t take.  

  Safe travels,



30 thoughts on “Traveling with a carry-on:  

  1. It’s always smart to wear your heaviest pieces! I’ve gone on a trip with just a carry-on twice and it worked pretty well – not ideal for me, but it works! haha!


  2. Great tips and smart packing. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


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