Long-haul flight essentials:all you need to know


Is there anything more exciting than a vacation at this time of the year? Going on an adventure, exploring new places, meeting different people and living a stress-free life. Even if for a little bit. I am an adventurer, so I’d rather go on a small gateway than stay home. The long-haul planes, on the other hand, bring the mixed feelings: they take you to your dream destination, but it’s a challenge for your body. My upcoming 20 hours trip inspired me to share to carry-on items that allow me to feel and look good during the flight. I have also added the links for you to get ready for a flight easier and faster just by ordering in one place! (At lease this is what I usually do hehe) All you have to do is CLICK ON THE IMAGE! 

1) First things first 
I don’t think I have ever traveled without them! Especially if I have 2 long flights to catch. I am just one of those people who would rather have sore shoulder than an unpleasant flight. So, I will always have a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash with me.  (I get the “Crest” ones at Walgreens)

2) Creams 
When I started traveling, I had no idea that I would need something more than a hand cream for my 10-hour flight. Rookie mistake! In addition to my first jetlag, I got an extremely dry skin full of breakout. Lesson learned!  I always carry:
Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. (I literally swear by it, nothing works better in the plane)

–  The Body Shop coconut hand cream. (I am a coconut oil addict, so no wonder I like this one. Also, don’t forget to use it for your elbows)

Cleanser + moisture cream. 
I usually buy duo mini of the brand that I currently use. So I packed my Superfood Youth Duo Mini from Youth To The People. (Read how I discovered this brand and why I love it here)

3) Masks: 
In my opinion, they are as important as creams are. That’s why I look weird but happy on the plane. My current favorites are: 
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels have been my favorite eye patches for years just because they work! (And don’t forget about Visine)
Avocado Face Mask from SEPHORA COLLECTION

for those who don’t feel comfortable in sheet masks during the flight,
a mini of Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Mask will do.

4) Lip balm:
Always handy on long and short flights, lip balms allow our lips avoid dehydration. And, as I mentioned before, I am all about coconut oil, so I take
Kopari lip glossy
The Body Shop Coconut lip butter

 5) Body Care
Mini deodorant to avoid discomfort.

Anti-bacterial wipes. You can start laughing because I figured that baby wipes from The Honest Co or Johnson’s Baby work best if you have dry skin.
Hand sanitizer spray from The Honest Co as well. (It doesn’t dry out skin)

 6) To fall asleep: 
Silk sleep mask. I am obsessed with the one I got from Amazon. It comes in a separate little bag, it’s really soft and makes you want to slumber!
Travel pillow for the neck support. (which I often forget in my car )

An extra pair of wool socks.

 7) Don’t forget:
Pen to fill out the immigration forms.
A portable charger to keep your phone alive.
Plug adapters are really handy if you have a layover in Europe.

 8) To keep yourself entertained:  
A good book 

 9) Nutrition: 
I always refer to this article and highly recommend to read it to everyone. I also carry some medicine just in case my body is not happy with the food in the airplane.  

 10) Hydration 
I bet we all hear about this golden rule: stay hydrated before, during and after the flight. I don’t drink alcohol, soda or juices with the exception of occasional tomato juice. And, as much as I love coffee, I stay substitute it for an herbal tea.  

 I DO NOT TAKE a big scarf with me: it just doesn’t fit in my backpack, and, if I get cold, I can always ask for an extra blanket.
I do not take changing clothes. I simply wear reasonably comfortable clothes to avoid an extra visit to the tiny airplane bathroom. And, again, it doesn’t fit in my carry-on luggage. 😁
   Finally, it pays off to choose your airlines carefully and set an alarm in order to pick a good seat! These are my long-haul flight essentials. What are yours? 

I wish you a smooth flight experience and may the plane take you on the most beautiful adventures! 


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