One New Year’s Resolution that can change your entire year

IMG_6966Have you noticed that every year passes faster and faster? Or is it just me? I cannot believe it’s time to say goodbye to the year of 2017. I don’t know what about you, but I am so not ready to move on. Don’t get me wrong, I love new beginnings and I had an incredibly productive year, and I know that the next one is going to be the busiest one. I just cannot believe that it’s time for a new chapter. When did it happen? But as hard as it can be, I have to say “Cheers to New 2018”! May it be full of the most amazing things for all of us.
   Now it’s time to talk about New Year resolutions! Every year we promise to be more productive, eat healthier, exercise more, be positive, spend more time with family… I can go on and on and on. Most of us will give up on most of our New Year resolutions. And I was always wondering why. Is it because we are too excited when we write them? I read that it is recommended to start making a list long time before the New Year’s Eve and look at it from time to time so at the end you will have only the most important ones left.
   But, to be honest, I always forget to do it. Instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions, this time I promise to do one thing I have never had on my list: to be happy. How silly is that? It may not sound right, but think about it: what if instead of writing a list of 10 New Year resolutions, you will start doing things that make you happy? Or you will start finding happiness in little things.

Let’s give it a closer look: I have never met a person who would 100% love his/her job. And yet, some people are happier than others. If we concentrate more on the things we love about our jobs rather than complain about the ones that stress us out, we will avoid the negativity and have more energy to have everything done. I tried and it worked for me so it may as well work for you.
Another thing (and the most popular one): everyone wants to be healthy, but why not to pay attention to what really makes our bodies happy rather than quit eating junk food or try to follow the diet? All we have to do is listen to our body and eat whatever makes us feel energized and motivated.
We all want to look and feel good, so we try to start working out the first thing in the morning of the 1st of January. Most of us quit after a month or so. Instead, why not to start looking for the work out that makes us happy? The one that takes the stress out and makes us feel good about ourselves? For me, it can be any 30 minutes workout. I used to enjoy Zumba, not running and stair stepper make me happy. And if something makes you happy – why to stop doing it?

These are just some examples. I understand that sometimes we cannot concentrate only on good things and people tend to remember negative more than positive. But! Let the word “consistent” be our new fashion in 2018. Let’s just listen to ourselves and try to be consistently happy. This is one resolution that you can start with on Monday, January the 1st and the only one that will help you become a better version of you. Trust me, I tried and it really works! 😉


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